Interactive 2k Community?

 Hey athletes! I’m back with another post, since Chef is making me post once a week. This time, this post was made by choice. Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of great feed back from you guys here at Reporters of Action Allstars about your own personal “My Players.” It’s been great and it’s been sparking some great conversations about our “my players.” It’s safe to say I’m not the only 2k fanatic on this blog.

Now, let’s cut to the chase. Since we’ve already been commenting our personal stats and totals from our previous games, I got an idea. Maybe we should create a way so that we can compare our stats and somehow turn it into a contest sort of thing.

We could post our stats from recent games and then tally up our points, rebounds, and assists to amount to our weekly average. Say you commented stats from 3 games throughout the week and your totals were 20, 36, and 24 points. Your weekly average would be about 26.7 PPG. Combine that with your rebound and assist totals, and then you have weekly stats. I think we should also keep track if your team wins in those games. If you averaged 36.3 PPG 10.1 RPG and 3.2 APG, but your team went 0-4, your chances might go down.

If you either have the best stats and winning percentage for the week, you will win RoAA “My Player” of the week. Just throwing out another idea to add some more excitement into the blog. I will end this post with some actual screen shots of my “My Players”, Mark Eisner (when I was on the Suns, I got drafted to them, 2nd picture is me on my current team, the Blazers), Mark Carter (not to be confused with Vince Carter, he does look like Vince, though), and my 6-11 center, Cleveland BrownAnd yes, this is from PC, I have NBA 2k12 for PC and Xbox.




5 thoughts on “Interactive 2k Community?

  1. thebenjibang1 says:

    nice idea. I like it better then the dream team to be honest, but shouldn’t we have something like a honor code? i mean lets say [for example i’m using OCBeast guy] Drew Celmons really got 12.3 ppg 2.5 rpg and 2.2 APG and he says he got 51.4 ppg 10.7 RPG and 13 APG per game.

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