NBA 2K Season Success!!!

 Hey ChefBahamas here!

The recording was a success!!!

In order to watch future games of my NBA2K12 season, you have to watch the ENTIRE GAME!!!

During the game, letters will pop up near the bottom and you will have to write it down.

There will be 3 showings of letters. Put the letters together to get the password for the post of the next game!

There might be more “showings” of letters!!! Also, when I was playing it froze at one point. So, you will se an animation like a cube rotating… (I didn’t skip anything!)

The game will be posted tomorrow. I have to go over it! (1:16:00) of my time I have to waste to add the letters, and fix any issues that occurred!

I will be giving 3 Key Points of the Game right above the video to get an idea of how awesome the game is 😛

Is this the NBA Finals?

BTW: I will change the Header to Reporters of Sportstopia when (“if”) it comes out 😛

Cya Athletes

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