2K Talk (2)!

      Hello once again Athletes!

This is the second post of the 2K talk. Currently, no one wants to be part of the “Dream Team”. I am taking the best My Players that you all have too offer. There are 8-11 spots left right now. 8 for a full roster, and 11 full roster. Right now Eyes and I have 4 spots filled.   Mark Eisner, Dalton Bell, Mark Carter, and Peter Griffin are most likely the starters until some of you guys, (or girls) want to participate. If you want to participate, we would need a starting SG, SF, and PF.

If you are going for the PF job, please have the common knowledge to not offer a 6’8 half SF, half PF. 6’10 or  taller would be good for that. Also kind of have a post game since mine is non-existant.

Please note that if you have some decent size you can move up a spot. Say your a PG, maybe 6’3, you can move to the SG spot. If you can, try and have a 25% or better 3PT %. Unless your a center, or even a PF. Although my Center shoots something like 63% from downtown, it still applies for everyone.

If you can make a 10 second video of your stats, so we know you are legit. Not just making up stats to be on the team.  There is also a “defensive monded player” only that wouldn’t get alot of shots but would come up big for the team in the clutch. Right now that is Bob Bobson or Dalton Bell ( I am only good for blocks really.)

Anyways comment below to join! Here is my quadruple double video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZ7NAPzhdno&feature=plcp            Later athletes! Don’t forget to subscribe to our wonderful blog, and subscribe to the RoAAReporters Youtube Channel, which has more videos coming soon!

Stay Classy, San Diego!

What manuever could possibly be smoover?


88 thoughts on “2K Talk (2)!

  1. Brett297 says:

    Hey Dalt I might as well show you my stats

    Here they are!

    Brett Baer- 52 pts, 3 assists, 3 rebounds, 5 steals, and 1 block

    Hopefully you can look at these stats and see if you will put My Player under the Dream Team list.

    Nice Post


      • Brett297 says:

        Yeah I don’t give a crap about assists and rebounds. Points are what it takes.

        But moving me to SG in the Dream Team would be OK and having Eyes at PG

      • babazies says:

        I was the same way at the beginning with my PG, Brett. First game of the season, I had 30 points. I know you might ask, yeah right, not the first game. I went 13 for 37 from the field and only had 2 assists. Rebounding was and still is challenging. I didn’t even get my first rebound until my 4th or 5th game. I was still able to finish with an average of 8.2 APG, even with the deep hole I put myself in.


      • thebenjibang1 says:

        Well then, Johnny Miller will have to be SF…
        Johnny Miller stats [MavsVSBulls]
        Points: 41
        Assist: 1
        Rebounds: 5
        Steals: 2
        Blocks: 2
        Turnovers: 2
        Fouls: 0

        I am on the Mavericks because I told the bucks,bobcats, and jazz… NO and said YES to the my player dream team 🙂

      • babazies says:

        Tbb, you don’t have to finish the season to have season stats. None of my stats are end of season stats, they are where I’m at right now. Just tell us what you are currently averaging, rather than play the whole season to tell us.


  2. Brett297 says:

    I had a legit game against the Spurs last night

    Here were the stats

    52 pts
    3 assists
    3 rebounds

    Here is where it gets interesting

    4 steals!
    3 blocks!

    and 100% of Pure Clutch

  3. drew2458 says:

    Drew Thompson with recent game
    Mavs 115 (my team) Kings 85
    Career high 42 points career high 12 assists and career high 7 rebounds heck of a game now new average on season 2 weeks after all star break
    33 PPG
    8.2 APG
    4.1 RPG
    Just moved to SG after the mavs got CP3 at full time PG

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