What do YOU want to see?

Hey Athletes! Long time no see. I know I haven’t posted in a while I have been busy with basketball and school. I might post every now and then, but today I wanted to post because I have recently downloaded a software that allows me to record my screen and this opens up an entire idea I can now make videos and post them on the RoAA Reporters YouTube channel. I was thinking about maybe doing some How-to videos, but I wanted to know what should I teach you guys how to do. Leave a comment below telling me what YOU want to see on the YouTube channel. I hate to make this post a short one, but that is all for now. Also remember to check out past posts down below. As always thank you for reading, subscribing to our wonderful blog, subscribing to the YouTube channel, and have a wonderful day.

Stay Safe Athletes,


20 thoughts on “What do YOU want to see?

  1. Coolgirl1235 With the Swag says:

    i recommend for screen recording software hypercam and too record video games such as
    or something full screen Fraps
    just some recommendations they are really great at crapture frame rates
    and i recommend a realtek high definition there cheap and great quality

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