NBA 2K Season – Association

 Hey ChefBahamas here!

I will be the Lakers!!! (Not a surprise 🙂 )

I am going to record NBA2K12 on my PC for the NBA Season, as you already know…

This is NBA2K12, and this will be HD quality and it will be recorded like 100 times better than Dalt 😆

I will show the first matchup tomorrow maybe…

I am asking someone to make an awesome header better than mine. Ikr, hard to do 😮

Cya Athletes


38 thoughts on “NBA 2K Season – Association

  1. aytan says:

    i know people that can make a header for you:
    Aytan (me)
    i think Drew
    Some reporters of your’s

    and i think thats all the people that i know that can make you a header!


  2. drew2458 says:

    A professional hmmm now no one on that list is a pro. A little btw chef when will the next set of abl games like what weekend on woozworld cause some of my players are anxious

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