My Ideas for the “Dream Team”

   Hey athletes! I’m back with another post. You may have recently read about all the posts regarding NBA 2K12/13. I want to get involved as well. Though I can’t bring you my 2k12 footage, you can go on a program and watch me play 2k12 live. There is a program called Onlive and it is a sweet program where you can play 30 minute trials of games(not like the normal trials, it’s the full game, but with a time limit) or buy the real game. It’s also only for PC, but you can play it with your regular console controller. It’s really cool and best of all, you can add friends on it and watch them play their games live! This isn’t an advertisement don’t worry, but if you want to talk to me or just watch me play video games, this program is perfect. You’ll probably see me play NBA 2k12, 2k11, 2k10, Duke Nukem Forever, and Saints Row 3. You can also create 10 second “brag” clips to show off your skills. You can find it by searching in Google, probably.

Okay, now to what this is mainly about. The recent post from Reporter Dalt got me thinking. Since I don’t know his entire idea about the dream team, I tried to put things together. Based on what he explained, I came up with an idea. There is a good chance that my idea is his actual idea. My idea is that we get all the stats of your guy’s “My Players” and create all of them. Based on your points, rebounds, and assist numbers, we will create your ratings. We could then announce the 12 players (Dalt said 10, but we need 12 to make a team). We could ask you guys what accessories you want. I’m not sure how Dalt will decide rotation and roles. I think we should then “Create a Team” and put all the created players on it. This is my idea and I am not saying this is what Dalt is planning on doing, I just wanted to put my idea out. We could then put this roster into 2K Share and everyone could download it and play as our own personal dream team. I also put in my idea for a jersey (we can’t use it because you can’t put names of teams on Created teams, but I am showing it for the basic design and colors).

Later Athletes


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