NBA2k13 News+Possible NBA2k My Player Videos!

Hey athletes! As you know, NBA2k13 is going to come out soon. There are many changes this year.

– Triple Threat Moves updated  (when a defender gets to close now there are moves to get some space)

– Contact (there are new falls this year {i.e Kobe will have a mean lean on some plays})

– Speed (Now you shouldn’t have to cross over a Center to get by him when you have a 30 rating speed differential and on fastbreaks you shouldn’t get caught by a center with a 60 speed rating)

– Rebounding (There won’t as many volleyball tap when guys go for the board.)

– Signature Moves (There are 28 signature moves and each player will have 5 moves. {Lebron- Chasedown Block, Perkins- Hard Pick})

– Dribble Moves (You will now use the right stick for dribble moves.)

What I hope to see- I want to see the shot clock cheese to get fixed. Whenever the CPU (pending on what difficulty) had 1-2 seconds left someone like Ronnie Turiaf would put up a leaning 3 ball and swish it. I hope that gets fixed.

Now for the second part of this post. I might post videos showing some My Player Action. It will be 2k11 action though. I prefer 2k11 to 2k12 really. And i have watched some guys on youtube and their my players, QJB- Xbox Chris Smoove- Xbox/ps3 Ipodkingcarter- PC

There is one game station not there. The Wii. Yes, that is the worst thing to play 2k on but I am going to do so. Please comment some goals you want me to go for in the game. I am about 1/4 way done with my second season. I got MVP, ROY, and defensive Player of the year in my Rookie season. So tell me if thats a good idea and list goals for me to try and get. I will play on HoF mode so be easy with expectations!

What maneuver could possibly be smoover?



38 thoughts on “NBA2k13 News+Possible NBA2k My Player Videos!

  1. Aytan says:

    Suns I have an idea for sportstopia U have to check my blog u just keep scrolling down till u see a post called “wooz verses and an idea for sportstopia” thx bye


      • Brett297 says:

        Well I can’t, because the game already happened, and I never recorded it because if I didn’t get the quad dub then there would be no point to record a video, and every time I record videos, the video time goes down.

        I know it was worthy to record, but I forgot and I can’t go back in time to change it, lol

        Sorry Braw

        PS: this is not an excuse to think I got a quad dub cause I did and it did take me a while to get it. It took me a few games to get it with 12 min. quarters


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