Sportstopia Animation

 Hey ChefBahamas here!

I got bored so I made a little animation

I already know it’s lame…

Cya Athletes


36 thoughts on “Sportstopia Animation

    • thebenjibang2 says:

      omg, dude we all know you want to be back on ROAA… we know your upset. But look at coolguy, nick, me, and all of the other bloggers that never had a chance at being on ROAA… yet alot of them make good post. im not saying ROAA are bad bloggers, in fact they have a reason to be on the blog. #1, they’re the best bloggers of AAS. #2 they were made the most veiwed blog of AAS. and last #3, They inspired all of us to be posting… if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be talking to each other, we wouldn’t have been excited for sportstopia,and we wouldn’t be on woozworld…


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