Another ABL game down, potential slowdown

Hey Athletes! Long time since I posted, but I’m still here. The ABL is still thriving as of now and another Cats game was played. I’m pretty lazy, so I don’t feel like giving you a whole summary of the game. (It’s like any other game, *shoots*, *in* you get the gist). The game went a little longer than expected, because of some MAJOR chat lag. Well the Cats played the Wombats and the Cats squeezed out a victory, 5144.

The other part of the title may be confusing, but I can explain. For a lot of us, school has either already started, or will be starting in the next week or so. That really takes a beating on our time to be able to schedule, play, and post about ABL games. I have not been told if it will affect the creation of Sportstopia, yet. Chef Add-on: This WILL affect the creation of Sportstopia but, We are going to try to put in the time to get in done sooner or later… The reporters that I know for sure will probably not be able to play WoozWorld very often is Me, Sunsfan3, and Dalton0521. I will probably not be able to make a lot of the games and probably Sunsfan3 and Dalton0521 might not either. We will be busy with school work and being able to play is not very easy. At best, we might make some weekend ABL games. Sorry if the news saddens you, but our absence does not mean you guys can’t play ABL games.    Now onto game stats.



Eisner24-     17 points   14 assists

Dalton0521- 34 points  8 assists



TheBenjiBangTBB- 16 points 4 assists

JoshuaisBaq-  15 points 8 assists

Troubleswagg- 13 points 4 assists


——————–First Half—————Second Half————Total——————



That’s all the news I have to bring to you

Later Athletes


57 thoughts on “Another ABL game down, potential slowdown

    • bostonfan209 says:

      I don’t know if you even good but I offer you 1 year one million so Matthew give me when I can try you out because I want to sign you

      And not make any noob moves

  1. bostonfan209 says:

    Don’t be mean if you don’t like my idea
    Can you guys stop abl for the moment
    Before you think anything else
    I say that because I want to play SPORTSTOPIA not some D class computer typing league called no offense to any of the abl people and commissioner I say this for the faster opening of SPORTSTOPIA

    • Reporters of Action Allstars says:

      You try making a game with no experience, licensing, and not even knowing how to make a virtual world. Yeah criticize us on trying to make Sportstopia and how it’s taking forever, but I don’t see you trying to make something happen. Also what do you want us to do make a virtual game that has the best graphics ever? We hardly even know that much about how to make virtual games, I am just saying don’t think Sportstopia is going to have these amazing graphics cause I can already tell you its not.


      • Aytan says:

        it’s really hard to make this game (sportstopia) no I don’t know how to make a game but it’s really hard but at least they are working hard to make this game at least we should appreciate them (roaa) for trying to make this game


  2. orangeblob says:

    ive not been to abl cuz ive been busy, and i wont be able to much either, i just am not a fan of woozworld ill still follow roaa because u guys rock but other than that im barely going on woozworld

  3. coolguy174 says:

    I made a fantasy football league 7 members left for anyone who wants to join. You must have an espn account. Reply to this comment with your espn email if you’d like to join.

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