Sportstopia Update

 Hey ChefBahamas here with an Update on Sportstopia!!!

There is going to be some type of  “Spotlight”

Here is a sneak peek! (This is only a prototype. I am still working on it) 😐

Please leave some feedback! (and any ideas for “Spotlight” 😛 ) 

Thanks for your support! 😉

When I recorded the game yesterday it didn’t save correctly. I am not sure why (it might be too long of a video) but I am going to try to record again to see if I get any luck. 😛

Cya Athletes


50 thoughts on “Sportstopia Update

  1. drew2458 says:

    beginning of 2013 middle or end ( beginning is jaunary feburary march april)
    (middle may june july august september) (end is october november december)?

  2. SHAQONEAL14 says:

    Chef, can I be on this one more time! I PROMISE that I will be the best blogger i could be! If you give me ONE MORE CHANCE! I beg you! I won’t blog post that are not important! Just please on more chance!

  3. Nick says:

    To Chef,
    Since you are ABL commissioner, I want out of the Wombats. Ryan went over to the Puppies, Nat wants to quit, plus I only go on WoozWorld for ABL games and nobody posts up next game on a blog anymore…..I’m sure TBB or Shaq would take over the team, but for me, being captain is more stressful than fun.

  4. drew2458 says:

    Ya see nick I need more than 2 ppl at a game for the oceans every time just me and Justin so. Signing u wouldn’ a prob since I guess salt didn’t agree to the Chloe for shak deal

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