More on Sportstopia!

 Hey ChefBahamas here with an Update on Sportstopia!

I was able to make some progress on Sportstopia! I was able to make the “banning system” so, NO CURSING AT ALL 🙂 ! My next step is going to make the buildings and stuff so you can see a “Sneak Peek” of that in a couple of weeks!

We’re watching!

Next, on Sportstopia…

I want YOU to decide what each room should be called. (IE: Riverwalk, Joe Bose Park) Put your ideas in the comments below. We will give credit to your “creative thinkin!”

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63 thoughts on “More on Sportstopia!

      • aytan says:

        chef what about this sportstopia should have an nba room called “The Suns” we could chat about the NBA buy jerseys if you guys are doing sportstopia with gear.

      • chaddydog17 says:

        For the tv thing name it after MLB nfl NHL nba fan caves (individual rooms for each sport) then an other fan cave
        The following from action allstars from peak to Ballers clockwise and (picturing the fan cave between Bose and vert)
        Peak= buttermilk summit (name after x games aspen)
        Vert village= winter village
        beachside= summer side
        Bose= ROAA park
        River walk= central park
        Ballers hall= nba hall (TD AmeriTrade)
        Diamonds run= MLB field (Named after a real MLB stadium(Fenway park))
        NFL stadium (foxboro stadium)
        Any shops not named I don’t feel like naming
        The following were not from action allstars
        NHL rink (Pepsi center)

  1. thebenjibang1 says:

    the plaza [riverwalk] sporterific park [joe bose park] all sports bowl [allstar bowl] sk8ting village [vert village] Action allstars [mavericks tribute to AAS 😦 ] mt. everest [the peak] famcy feet stadium [soccer stadium] alley oops [ballers hall]

  2. Ella802 says:

    I was thinking maybe Great Sportstopia Ballpark perhaps? I don’t know if that’s creative enough though… EL

  3. coolguy174 says:

    The Sportstopia Stadium where all games such as ABL or AAFL are held, of course you’d need to have a field for each sport.

  4. abbster2 says:

    Hmmm…It would be cool to have like Refs or something that could give out gear. & If there’s a thing for mvp to buy because on AAS the non-mvp couldn’t do anything with there tokens so there was basically no point of playing games. & thanks for creating it..

  5. Robobot100 says:

    The Quad – Welcome Room
    Sports Center – Games Room
    Goo Lagoon – A Beach
    I Dont Know. I Watch Spongebob. LOL !

  6. Jrcasarez says:

    Heyy chef i think there shuld be a blogging room like all ppl from a blog go do private meetings AND ON IT CAN WE TRADE AND GIFT COINS ND OTHER GEAR PLZ JR OUT. :-(:-(;-):-P=-O:-*:OB-):-$:-!:-|x-(:-/o_O:-D:-X:'(:-\O:-):-[<3:-VXD:-Q:-@:-C

  7. minilebron3 says:

    Hey Chef I really dont know you but i want to introduce my self. My name is minilebron3 I am good friends with most of the reporters but i really have never met you. I was wondering if you guys were going to have refs in sportstopia. If you did i was thinking in the main room a.k.a. riverwalk you could have a ref hq where all the refs in the game would go to hang out. Get topians to give out, gear to give out, and all that good stuff. Also i was wondering if I could be a ref in the game. Well thats it. Nice getting to meet you.


  8. Martel1000 says:

    also make the furniture on where we can sit down and watch tv and if we can buy a food bar with like hotwings or something make it like where we can eat it and it’s unlimited

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