Smooth Madness, Free Agency, and Oceans Logo Revealed!

Hey Athletes! Suns here with some ABL Updates and the latest on the hunt for Smooveguy6. Well let’s get started! The Washington Wombats have managed to come to terms with Ryan0110 and have agreed to a deal worth seven million topian token over the period of two years, sad news for the Spartans considering they offered him a two-year six million topian token deal.

Another deal has just surfaced the Boston Leprechauns have signed Moneyc123 to a three-year two million topian token deal. Although the Leprechauns are not playing this week this has not stopped them from keeping positive, they are still working hard to improve on there basketball skills, this team has actually matured.

In big news rising star Shaqoneal14 has three different teams looking to sign him those teams include Oceans, Leprechauns, and Wombats. Here are Shaqoneal14 current offers, the Oceans have offered him a one-year deal worth eight million topian tokens, however the Wombats have offered him a seven million topian token deal over the course of two years, but the Leprechauns come out with another deal which is a one-year deal worth 11 million topian tokens, it will be interesting to see what team Shaqoneal14 signs with.

In free agent news Jok34 still has yet to give word to what team he will sign with the teams that are interested in a potential deal with Jok34 is the Oceans, Spartans, and Cats. We will see in the days coming ahead who he will choose to sign with, sources say he is leaning towards the Spartans because of owner/player Minilebron3, but that has yet to confirmed by Jok34, his agent released a statement saying “Jok34 will go to the team that he feels is right for him and his family.”

Well as most of you know the madness of many different teams trying to sign All-star guard Smooveguy6 is in full swing, while he has not given word on what team he will be signing with he has many different deals these are those deals, The Wombats have offered a two-year 12 million topian token, the Leprechauns have offered Smooveguy6 a one-year 28 million topian token deal, however the oceans have offered Smooveguy6 a deal as well that deal is a three-year 23 million topian token deal, but the Spartans come out swinging with this deal the deal offered by the Spartans is a three-year 20 million topian token deal. Sources however say that the Cleveland Cats might do a sign and trade for Smooveguy6 that might send him to any potential team that is willing to do business with the Cats, well as you can see all of these deals are great this will surely be a tough decision for Smooveguy6 we will see how it plays out in the following days. Now for all owners of ABL teams here is a list of free agents that are still available to offers. 

Free Agency Pool: Justin425, Chris13921, and Kane213 (if you would like to be added to the free agency pool comment below)

Just a reminder that there will be the first two ABL Summer League games here is the information you need! Check out the times especially I kind of messed up on the last post I got some of the times zones wrong so look at the correct times now!

Wednesday, August 1,2012 Games

Golden State Spartans @ Cleveland Cats!

3:00 pm Pacific time
4:00 pm Mountain time

5:00 pm Central time
7:00 pm Eastern time

Orlando Oceans @ Washington Wombats!

5:00 pm Pacific Time
6:00 pm Mountain time
7:00 pm Central Time
8:00 pm Eastern Time

Anyways I have seen that the Oceans haven’t actually seen their logo, so here it is the drawing was made by our amazing artist Dalton0521 so here it is the official Orlando Oceans logo!

Well that’s all for now in ABL news stay tuned for more updates on all the ABL happenings, also remember to like this blog post, subscribe to our blog, subscribe to our RoAAreporters youtube channel which will have a new video coming out soon, and most importantly have  a wonderful day thank you for reading our blog posts here at Reporters of Action Allstars blog staff we thank you!

Later Athletes,


70 thoughts on “Smooth Madness, Free Agency, and Oceans Logo Revealed!

    • drew2458 says:

      Hey dalt just FYI I signed arshak13 and sportsboy45 as starters arshaks deal was 1 year 8 million and sports was 1 year 3 million deal and I dropped Julian and cool person cause they would never reply to me

  1. chaddydog17 says:

    Ok leprechaun uniform and logo will be posted on between tomorrow and 2 days before our first game and can u do a tutorial on Woodworld and where to go

    • drew2458 says:

      ok im the coach of the orlando oceans i have me arshak dillon and cloe(rookie of the year nominee) and 1 more and if u sign with us u’ll be starting PG the game is on and my name on there is dttatizawesome meet me tonight at 8 eastern somewhere so i can add u hhhmmm how about find woozsportsweekly on world map and i’ll be there ok ok bye

    • minilebron3 says:

      Hey Smoove wats up I offered you a contract for 3 years 20 million dollars currently on our team is Arshak13, Orangeblob Aytan, and mdawg12345. Sorry i couldnt reply sooner but i was on vacation and didnt have my computer. Well theres the offer and I think Dalt sent you a email about the offer. Also i am trying to get Jok so if you sign it would probably help him want to come to the Spartans. Thanks Smoove. Hope to see you on the spartans.


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