30th Olympics!

Hey Athletes! As you know the Olympics are under way and there is some crazy stuff going on!

The mens archery team for USA defeated the world’s best archers in South Korea. They got 3 bulls-eyes on the last end to win it. But in the Gold medal round the US lost to the Italian Team thanks to a Clutch Bulls-eye to win by 1 point by Italian Michele Frangilli. While that took place the US Womens Soccer opened their first round match vs. Colombia. It was close until Abby Wambach scored in the 74′ minute and then 3 minutes later Carli Lloyd scored a goal which broke the lead open to 3-0.

In Swimming, USA swimmer Ryan Lochte the 400m idividual medley beating Thiago Pereira. Michael Phelps did not medal though. The fellow USA swimmer placed 4th as his quest for 7 gold medals this year is done. In the 400m freestyle China’s Yang Sun took home the gold while USA’s Peter Vadakaay took home bronze, respectfully.

In Fencing it is all Italy to this point. The womens Italian team took home Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. Elisa Di Francisca- Gold, Arianna Erigo- Silver, and Valentina Vezzali- Bronze. Vezzali now has the most medals for fencing in the history of the Olympics.

The Gold medal count right now is:  China leads with 4 gold, Italy is 2nd with 2, while USA, Brazil, and South Korea are all tied with 1 medal.

~ Suns Add-on – Breaking News! The ABL commissioners have decided to take out the Houston UFO’s out of the ABL teams, the Houston UFO’S will be replaced by the L.A Bakers. Comment below if you would like to own the L.A Bakers. Here it there official logo Made by our artist Dalton0521.

That’s it for now. I would like to thank you for reading and don’t forget to watch the ABL Commercial, subscribe to our Youtube account, and like this post, but most important have a nice day everyone.


31 thoughts on “30th Olympics!

  1. Nick says:

    I think Lotche deserved to win. He is 3 inches shorter than Phelps and only lost to him by less than an inch when he did. Even though Michael Phelps is amazing, I think Lochte is a better swimmer and if he was Phelp’s height he could have won.

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