ABL Updates & ABL Summer League Schedule Revealed!

Hey Athletes! Suns here with the ABL Summer League Schedule and ABL Updates, so lets get started right away! Well in ABL News the ABL  commissioners have decided to take away Crazyallstar ownership of the Houston UFO’s due to the fact that he has done nothing for his team. So the Houston UFO’s are looking for an owner the team consists of Chopies567 who is signed to a free deal over the period of one year and WWEFan12 who was signed to a two-year deal worth  seven million dollars, so if you are looking for a young team with a ton of cap space comment below if you would like to own this team. Here is the list of ABL teams and what they have done in the past week and how good I think they are.

New from the Cleveland Cats: Owned by Dalton0521 and Eisner24 The Cats have many great players, they are going to make the playoffs with leaders like Dalton0521 and Eisner24. The Cats however have not made any deals, but sources say the Cats are in talks with Omgiamcool about signing a potential deal which sources say will be a two-year 16 million topian token deal. They have offered Jok34 a 20-22 million topian deal that would be given over the course of two to three years depending on what Jok34 will sign to this deal would make Jok34 the highest paid player in the ABL, however other teams are in the hunt for Jok34 those team include the Oceans and Spartans. But sad news for the Cats they can only sign one more person so looks like they will have too see who they will choose to sign will it be Omgiamcool or Jok34.

News from the Golden State Spartans: Owned by Minilebron3 the Spartans are you young team with the help of there young leader who was a break out star in last years ABL Season they might have the potential of making the playoffs. The Spartans have made some moves  by releasing rookie guards Orangeblob and Ryan0110 sources have said that owner Minilebron3 made this decision in order to free up cap space due to the fact they are looking to sign star Smooveguy6, however they will have some competition other teams looking to sign Smooveguy6 are Oceans, Wombats, and Leprechauns. Breaking news at this moment the Spartans owner Minilebron3 has just offered Ryan0110 and Orangeblob brand new contracts, Orangeblob has accepted the new contract this new contract is a a one-year three million topian token deal, however there is no word if this means that their hunt for Smooveguy6 is over.

News from Orlando Oceans: Owned by Dtatt2458 the Oceans are one young team, I don’t expect them to get that far into the playoffs due to the fact they are one young team, but that might work to their advantage such as beating out some of the older players. The Oceans have made only one known recent deal this deal was signing rookie forward Chloe6897 to a one-year six million topian token deal. The Oceans are in the hunt for Smooveguy6, there has been no word on what team Smooveguy6 will be signing with.

News from Washington Wombats: Owned by Nickelodeon12 the Wombats are team with a great owner in Nickelodeon12, however they will need to sign some more players in order to be one of the more dominant teams in the ABL. If I where the owner of the Wombats I would go into the hunt for Smooveguy6 since they have a lot of cap space to fill. The wombats have yet to make any known deals.

News from Houston UFO’S: Owner needed the UFO‘sare thought to be the worst team in the ABL, because they have no leader which is why I need someone to own this team. Comment below if you would like to the owner for the Houston UFO’s.

News from Boston Leprechauns: Owned by Bostonfan209 the Leprechauns are team with a little potential there team consists of Chaddydog17,  Stevo1311,Vert209, and Moneyc123. I have never seen the players actually play basketball, but I assume that they will be some what of a good roster. The Leprechauns have not made any new deals, however they are in the hunt for Smoovegy6 they have offered him a deal which is worth ten million over the period of two years, many teams are in that hunt for star guard Smooveguy6 it will be interesting to see who he signs with.

Now it is time for the reason you even read this post The ABL Summer League Schedule! The Boston Leprechauns and the Houston UFO’S will be the only teams not playing.

Wednesday, August 1,2012 Games

Golden State Spartans @ Cleveland Cats!

3:00 pm Pacific time
4:00 pm Mountain time

5:00 pm Central time
7:00 pm Eastern time

Orlando Oceans @ Washington Wombats!

The time for the Oceans and Wombats game has changed!

5:00 pm Pacific Time
6:00 pm Mountain time
7:00 pm Central Time
8:00 pm Eastern Time

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Later Athletes,


106 thoughts on “ABL Updates & ABL Summer League Schedule Revealed!

    • bostonfan209 says:

      Hey I don’t really know you but give a visit to the bostonleprechauns.wordpress.com website and leave some contract deals

  1. minilebron3 says:

    Hey suns i cannot make it to the spartans game i will be on vacation 😦 I was wondering if you talked to Eisner about my question about the blog. Wow that was a weird sentence two abouts in one sentence. Ok watever but also I would like to up Smooves offer to 3 years 9.5 million topians. Since drew is going to up his contract offer so am I.

  2. minilebron3 says:

    Ok sorry that was stupid i did my math way wrong on that contract offer here is the new one.

    3 year 20 million topians


  3. Ryan0110 says:

    hey suns just so you know i am on the spartans thou i cant make it to wooz world because of a flahplayer so i am hoping to fix my computer so i can play in the summer leauge

  4. Nick says:

    Here are my offers:
    For Ryan0110 I offer 2 yrs, 7 million
    For Shaqoneal14 I offer 2 yrs. 6 million
    For SmooveGuy6 I offer 2 years, 12 million

  5. bostonfan209 says:

    And smoove put some contract numbers and I will be happy to negotiate or visit the free agent tab on bostonleprechauns.wordpress.com

  6. bostonfan209 says:

    2year 10 per year so 20 mill total and we are a pretty good team with a lot of cap space so smoove you can negotiate a little higher okay


    • bostonfan209 says:

      Hey SMOOVE the real offer for you is 1 year 28 million that will make you I think the highest paid player so Come on up to Boston

  7. Nick says:

    Suns I offered Ryan0110 a 2 yr 7 million contract Shaqoneal 14 2 yrs 6 million and Smooveguy6 2 yrs 12 million also the times are wong 5 pacific is 6 mountain 7 central and 8 eastern

  8. bostonfan209 says:

    Hey dalt I gave smoove and Shaq a deal

    Smoove 1year 28 million
    Shaq 1year 11 million

    So put it on the thing where it shows the offers

  9. Nick says:

    My offer for Smoove remains at 2 years, 12 million and Shaq remains at 2 years, 7 million. Other teams may be offering some of the highest payments in the ABL for them, but there teams arent NEARLY as good as the Wombats.

    • Reporters of Action Allstars says:

      The Houston UFO’s have no owner therefore you guys can’t play. I gave certain teams the chance because before this post your team wasn’t really doing anything. You might be able to play maybe I will give another team the bye week.


      • chaddydog17 says:

        THanks suns that is good cuz we need more players and I still designed team uniforms (which will be posted either today or tomorrow on bostonleprechauns.wordpress.com)

  10. davidsuns11 says:

    hey, what happened to actionallstars.com, i havent been on in a long time, and it wont take me to the site

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