Updated ABL Rosters

Hey Atheletes! Alot is going on in the ABL so let’s not waste anymore time!

News for the Cleveland Cats: owned by Eisner24 and Dalton0521 sign veteran shooting guard Coolguy174. The deal is for 6 million topian tokens and is for 2 years. The Cats also sign 3 year veteran Brett297 to a 2 year, 5 million topian deal. Brett297 averaged 19 PPG last season. The Cats also sign TheBenjiBang to a 2 year, 5 million topian token deal. Also Power Forward SunsFan3 has become the highest payed player for the Cats with a 2 year, 12 million dollar deal. But that may change, rumors around the league are agreed. The Cats will offer G Jok34 a 2-3 year 20-22 million topian token contract. If Jok34 accepts he is the highest payed player in the ABL. This move would put the Cats right at the magic 50 million topian token salary cap.

News for the Golden State Spartans: owned by minilebron3 Players- signed orangeblob to a 2 year, 6 million topian token deal. Signed Ryan0110 to a 2year, 6 million topian token deal. Signed arshak13 and mdawg12345 to deals, mdawg’s is worth 1 year 3 million topian tokens. Arshak13’s deal is 2 years 12.5 million topian tokens. Signed aytan to a 2 year 7 million topian deal.

News for the Orlando Oceans: owned by dttat2458  Players- signed dillon939 to a 1 year, 12 million dollar contract. Signed coolperson9823 to a 1 year 2 million topian token contract and signed julian245 to a 2 year 7 million topian token contract. 

News for the Washington Womabats: Owned by Nickelodeon12  Players- RYGUY832 was signed to a 2 year, 7 million topian token deal and Ryan0110 was offered a 2 year 6 million dollar deal. Signed point guard national6 to a deal to 1 year and 5 million topian tokens.

News for the Boston Leprechauns: owned by Bostonfan209 Players- signed Stevo1311 to a 2 year, 3 million topian token deal. Also arshak13 was offered a 3 year 3 million topian token deal. And signed chaddydog17 to a 2 year, 3 million topian token deal. Coolperson9823 is in the works to agreeing to a 2 year 3 million topian token deal. Signed vert209 to a contract for free. Bostonfan209 signed himself to a deal for some reason, for his name to be on here he traded chaddydog17 to Houston for a pick and the Leprechauns will send 8 million in cap space to the Cats.

News for the Houston UFO’s: owned by CrazyAllstar Players- signed WWEFan12 to a 2 year 7 million topian token deal. Chopies567 is now on the Houston UFO’s he will play for free. Chaddydog17 who was traded here.(Players needed comment below to join the UFO’s)

Free Agent Class-

Rookie Class- Aytan, Chris13921, kane213, Chopies567

If you want to be part of the ABL comment below, don’t forget to check out the ABL Commercial, comment below if you want to own/join a team and most importantly have a nice day.


343 thoughts on “Updated ABL Rosters

  1. minilebron3 says:

    Hey guys Minilebron3 here and I have a few contract offers.

    Aytan- 2 years for 7 million topians

    Arshak13- 2 years for 12.5 million topians

    Chopies567- 2 years for 7 million topians

    Also I am working on the new uniforms for the team.


      • minilebron3 says:

        ok thx i didnt know if i should put them out yet or not if you want me to i can take them down

      • Nick says:

        Dalt can you add to the Wombats that I signed Ryguy832 for 7 million, 2 yr, and offered Ryan0110 6 million, 2 yr.


      • chaddydog17 says:

        Dalt can I send my uniform ideas for the leprechauns to an email or something? I will send them when their done on Wednesday the 25th

      • bostonfan209 says:

        Hey dalt make the leprechauns green and gold for home
        Green and black for away
        And put Boston not leprechauns

      • chaddydog17 says:

        I got Boston logos and uniforms for leprechauns bostonfan209 (boss) they will be rdy July 25th should I send then somewhere to be looked at like an email or something

      • bostonfan209 says:

        CHAD how soon can you post the uniforms and make sure or try
        to make alternate or throw back jerseys

        PS make a new page then post it on Bostonleprechauns.wordpress.com

      • Chaddydog17 says:

        Boston i can make them before wednesday i in boston and looking for crayons and paper but it gnna take till then maybe earlier i working quick and getting nice designs i will post and sign people dont worry got it covered we have until next sunday and sportstopia comes out in december i think call me dog not dawg cuz that a different dog and i got it thx boston uniforms going on blog soon

  2. drew2458 says:

    Yea guy signed with the wombats dalt I’ll take Julian and Coolperson but where r they like what blog do they use so I can negotiate with them about it

  3. Nick says:

    Okay remove Ryan0110 off the Wombats thing since he signed with the Spartans. National6’s contract is 2 years, worth 8 million.

    Also be sure to check out the Wombats site: wwofficial.wordpress.com/

    • Nick says:

      Hmm, actually, I’m only accepting 2 years for 8 million. (Sorry I’m sounding like a jerk, but it’s only fair.) For 1 year, it’s 5 million. Do you accept my offer?

  4. drew2458 says:

    Ok dalt I signed Julian245 with a 2 year 7 million topia contact
    And signed coolperson832 to a 1 year 2 million topia contact and they both accepted it

  5. Nationa6 says:

    of course cats first l0l,and nick ill take the 1 year 5 million. and if are team is doing good probably we can have a conversation on a contract extension

  6. Chaddydog17 says:

    People if u r a rookie or not signed yet comment below or look on our blog bostonleprechauns.wordpress.com to look at the deals i am offering (which is everybody) we have 3 spots left who will get them? Sign up quick!

  7. bostonfan209 says:

    hey dalt i talked to my friend about abl his username is vert209 he is signing for free and i am signing for free

    so add Vert209 and Bostonfan209 to the leprechauns
    both of us signed for free

    *remember cap space

    i swear that i actually have a friend with the username vert209 and i did talk to him

  8. bostonfan209 says:

    Dalt u fraud if you don’t change it to 7.9 million I will and vert209 will leave abl just please fix the post to under 10 mill plz I beg you plz I don’t wanna leave abl but i will if I have to

  9. chaddydog17 says:

    Actually Houston and I just made a deal Houston is paying 21 million and we r paying 11 million of tht cap space and sending dog to boston and cool person to Houston so the players r staying but we r still paying the cap room Houston is really stupid in paying for most of the cap space an sending me back I Boston woot woot Dalt make sure u change that

  10. chaddydog17 says:

    Thanks crazy all star and that draft pick will be traded to the cats from us in return for Houston paying most of the cap space we don’t need a pick either we good and Boston has resigned as owner of the leprechauns and handed the ownership to me and I would now like to sign him to a 4 mil 2 yr deal which he has agreed to (we private chatted) and he is part owner with me all players on leprechauns will stay as is contracts as is

      • chaddydog17 says:

        No Boston retired and is coming back I am traded back I Boston and Houston says they want to pay 27 mil and we pay 5 mil and the pick the cash is for the cap space in other terms we pay 5 mil of the cap give the pick we don’t need and Houston pays 27 mil and gives me (dog) back to the leprechauns and I take ownership of Boston, fan retires and I re sign him to a 4 mil 2 yr deal and make him part owner with me dog an if u need confirmation from fan he said he will answer in morning

      • chaddydog17 says:

        Turns out the deal of dog to Houston and the cap space thing was changed fan canceled the deal made by HOUSTON not u Dalt so tht deal is off and I am staying in the wonderful leprechaun city of Boston woot!

  11. bostonfan209 says:

    The deals with Houston not you dalt so get it back to normal that is the right thing so deal is cancelled. That is the real thing.

  12. Crazy allstar says:

    Dalt correction cool person not in trade but we paying 5 mil the pick and giving dog back to boston while we pay 27 mil of the cap

  13. chaddydog17 says:

    And the cap space trade is still on if u don’t approve the canceled deal of dog going to Houston but if dog goes back to boston the cap space trade is off

      • chaddydog17 says:

        Well Houston made trade with us and we cancel it and I no u no I am horrible so don’t cross it out and make urself look stupid and rules don’t say tht BOTH teams have to cancel and it doesn’t say u can’t cancel it so we hav canceled the trade I am in Boston good night

  14. bostonfan209 says:

    Crazyallstar has to make the deal not dalt and Crazyallstar didn’t accept so the deal is out there but I cancelled the deal so return dog and my cash and erase my roster name

  15. Nation6 says:

    me, suns, and eyes thought of abl when we were in eyes turf. and i was something excecutive, second in power to eyes and suns lol

    Dalt Add-on- Reporters are commishioners.

  16. awesomedude46 says:

    Dalt will u please put down i have signed with the… CLEAVAND CATS with a 17 million dolar contract and will be the highest payed in the abl

  17. minilebron3 says:

    Hey Dalt just got word that Orangeblob will be resigning with the team. His contract is now 1 year 3 million.


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