ABL Sign-ups

Hey athletes!!! With Sportstopia on the horizon our first season of ABL will start with the sign-ups. Owner sign-ups will begin today and owners can pick from these teams: Leprechauns, UFO’s, Spartans, Cats, Wombats or Oceans. On July 21, people who don’t want to own a team but still play can say “I want in” and teams can try and get players to sign with them. There is a minimum of 4 players to a team and a maximum of 7. Teams will have a salary cap of 50 million. 50 million topian dollars of course. If teams go over the cap they will get a sanction from the playoffs no matter how good they play. The sanction will be for that year and that year only, unless the team goes over again, then it’s another sanction and so on.

Once again, the rules state:

Thou shall say in in another sentence after thy shot

Thou must say gets, to have possession of the ball

Thou shall not steal

Thou shall play to 50, unless its a 1-3 point game and then it goes into Over Time

Overtime is of course first to 10 points

Thou shall not shoot half/full court shots


The highest amount a player can be signed for one year is 12.5 million topian dollars.

The lowest amount a player can be payed is nothing, they are just there to be there……

If a player hasn’t played in the ABL before, they are considered a rookie.

We may have awards MVP, Rookie of the Year, and Most Outstanding Sportsmanship.


Have a good day athletes and don’t forget to sign-up to be a player, or an owner.


81 thoughts on “ABL Sign-ups

  1. Bostonfan209 says:

    I want to own the leprechauns if not I want in on the leprechauns.
    So I will own and play for the leprechauns

  2. coolguy174 says:

    Also im leaving for Florida tomorrow and I’m coming back late on the 24th so I’ll be back commenting on the 25th so cya and remember I’d like to be a part of ABL

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