Sportstopia Updates+You Design!

Hey Athletes! Sportstopia is making progress, small progress, but it’s still progress. We are working on bringing back all of your favorite sports like ABL, AAMLB, and AAFL. We are even creating new logos for teams instead of wasting our time getting licensing. I have drawn the NBA so far. Here are some of them:

Now for the interactive part. Here at RoAA/Sportstopia we want everyone to be happy, so I want you to create gear! You need to leave a full description of your piece of gear and say if it’s a hat, house item, shirt etc.

~ Suns’s Add-on – If you would like to draw the gear you could draw the picture, and email the picture to we will post about which drawing we like more. Thank you!


Once again Sportstopia is


We will try and get Sportstopia up and running in the future. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!!!!


52 thoughts on “Sportstopia Updates+You Design!

  1. coolguy174 says:

    And just a tip to put into consideration could you maybe make like AABL and AAFL an actual game and have teams go into the game to play each other and audience and such just a tip if you think its bad or u cant do it its ok.

  2. thebenjibang1 says:

    Hey dalt, Is it okay if I put the gear and stuff on my blog, it would be much easier and Is ther a max limit on player to play in ABBL/ABL/possible new name? and will there be any coaches?

  3. Bostonfan209 says:

    Make a mascot costume like
    Hornets= bee
    Patriots= colonial soldier suit
    Jets=plane suit.
    And stuff like that

  4. zacefron597 says:

    and Dalt when Suns doesn’t Have a Problem why do you have???
    Thinking your greater than Suns? we of course Not!
    the Way i see it that Suns Helped me in many matters and i feel like
    Helping him also though so i dont get it your problem

  5. minilebron3 says:

    hey guys i sent you guys an email and also i will be posting my ideas on my blog

  6. Aytan says:

    Suns I have an idea for sportstopia! Like everyday a person can a prize like 100 topans and other stuff u like that idea?

  7. peter645 says:

    Hey Dalt i have some ideas for the website and also tell me when all of this happened? We could have a college called Univnersity of Sportstopia. We could do all the leagues we did on Action Allstars but in college form and every team (college)has a different mascot.

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