So You Think You Can Blog?

Hey Athletes! Well I wanted to bring back guest blogger, so I want anyone who wants to be guest blogger to comment on this current post. In your comment I want your athlete name and three or more  reasons to why I should pick you as guest blogger. Another note check out the Sportstopia page as well I have updated the page. Here’s a picture of where to find the Sportstopia page. Click on the page to make the picture bigger.

Well that’s all for now athletes. Remember subscribe to our amazing blog, subscribe to the RoAAreporters youtube channel, and most importantly have a wonderful day. Thank you for reading.

Later Athletes,


21 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Blog?

  1. drew2458 says:

    We’ve had our ups and down aas but I’ve stopped my ways of being ignorant I won’t copy anymore I have been blogging since October 2011 and over 10 bloggs have plenty expierence and is really good with computer skills if I could help with sportstopia
    New drew2458

  2. Bostonfan209 says:

    My name is bostonfan209
    First reason you should pick is I am an excellent writer .
    Second reason I know a lot of about sports.
    I am a blogger and really reliable.

  3. thebenjibang1 says:

    RoAA, I am TheBenjiBang
    and I think I would be a mighty great guest blogger because…
    1.I have been friends with the entire RoAA
    2.Most people know me on AAS
    3.And I have some very great ideas, such as jersey battle, and the idea to make a virtual world [I don’t need any credit, you guys do what you do and make sportstopia great]
    4. I LOVE to blog

    So please RoAA make me the guest blogger and enjoy life…

  4. Nick says:

    Reasons why I should be guest blogger:

    1. I use grammar and I know how to do different things in my posts (insert forms, color, pictures, etc.).

    2. I’ve been on Coolguy174’s blog and Shaqoneal14’s blog before.

    3. I love sports and I’ll be able to blog about sports news in my Guest Blogger post.

  5. awesomedude46 says:

    awesomedude46 1 i know alot of things about sports 2 i have always wanted to be guest blogger 3 i think it would be a fun expierence

  6. coolguy174 says:

    1. I am an AAS legend. Lol thats stretching it, but I do have some pretty cool friends. (Reporters)
    2. I’m pretty professional with blogs.
    3. I enjoy writing about sports and I’m pretty good with a computer if I do say so myself.
    4. I’m creative and would love to be guest blogger on your wonderful blog.

  7. abbster2 says:

    I would like to sign up for guess blogger.
    1. I have great grammer!
    2. I like sports
    3. I have fantastic blogging experince.

    Thank you!!


  8. awesomedude46 says:

    i think u should not allow people with there own blogs to be guest blogger because they can blog anytime they want

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