Free Agency Talk + Major Pickups = NBA Buzz


Hey Athletes! Suns and Eyes here. As many of you already know NBA off-season madness is in full swing. So shall we start.

In free agency pickup new Eric Gordon was offered a deal by The Phoenix Suns worth $58 million over four years, Gordon is interested in the Suns offer, since Arizona is his home state, The New Orleans Hornets are expected to match, however there are talks about a possible sign and trade deal with the New Orleans Hornets and the Phoenix Suns for forward Eric Gordon. There are some rumors that if the Phoenix Suns end up letting Eric Gordon slip, they will attempt to acquire O. J. Mayo in free agency pickup.

One major pickup for the defending NBA champions Miami Heat  has been made and one more NBA player will be talking their talents to south beach, and that player is none other than Rashard Lewis, Lewis however has agreed to a two-year deal worth 2.8 million.

In other news former Phoenix Suns player and current free agent Grant Hill is rumored to be interested in three teams those teams are the Thunder, Lakers, and Heat. Grant Hill will probably not return to the Phoenix Suns, due to the fact Grant Hill is looking for a team that has playoff potential and a chance to win a championship ring, as you can see all three of those teams have championship material on the team so good luck to you Grant Hill.

In other NBA news Nicolas Batum is reported to want to play with the Minnesota Timberwolves and join former teammate Brandon Roy, the deal is being reported as a 45 million dollar deal over the period of four years, however Portland Trail Blazers are expected to match the Timberwolves offer.

Pack your bags Marcus Camby you’re heading back to the big apple, the 38-year-old veteran is said to be going back to New York, sources say the Houston Rockets and The New York Knicks have agreed to a sign and trade deal the deal would give the Rockets guard Toney Douglas, center Jerome Jordan, forward Josh Harrellson and second-round picks in 2014 and 2015 in exchange for veteran Marcus Camby.

Well that’s just some of the NBA free agency and trades stay tuned for more updates on NBA happenings.

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Thank you have a wonderful day.

Later Athletes,


12 thoughts on “Free Agency Talk + Major Pickups = NBA Buzz

  1. chris13921Chris13921 says:

    I have a question for everyone to answer ! ! ( drum roll )
    What is an MLB player that has had 60 homerun in a season???
    There are many answers that can be said! So, lets see who will be the first to get it corret?
    P.S. Don’t be afraid to put more than one player.

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