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Hey Athletes,, the NBA is crazy so far in free agency. There is at least 20 deals done since the day before the trade. Lets get updated on the NBA I guess.

Steve Nash picks the Lakers over the Raptors. This is good for the Suns and the Lakers. The Suns signed and traded Nash to the Lakers. The Suns got 4 draft picks. The ’13 and 15 first round picks and ’13 and ’14 second round picks. Nash averaged 12.5 points and 10.7 assists last year.

The Suns made even bigger moves though. The Suns signed Goran Dragic and Michael Beasley. Dragic got 4 years, 34 million dollars to be the new PG of the franchise. Dragic backed up Nash to start his career then moved on to Houston and when Kyle Lowry was injured he got to start. Beasley will receive 3 years, 18 million. Beasley, the former Heat and Wolves forward, can be great coming off the bench behind Grant Hill or even start games and give Hill some time off.

The Raptors and Rockets made a trade. The Raptors get Kyle Lowry while Houston will get Gary Forbes and a future draft pick. Lowry averaged 14.3 points and 6.6 assists per games last year for the Rockets. Now the Rockets have lost their starting and backup PG.

Deron Williams re-signs with the Nets. Williams will now have Joe Johnson to give it to on the wing. The Nets are also agressively persuing Dwight Howard. Williams re-signed for a contract which will be worth $98 million over five years.

The Clippers re-sign Chauncey Billups and sign Jamal Crawford. Billups played 20 games last year before injuring his achilles tendon. Billups will get a one-year deal, worth up to $4.3 million. Crawford opted out of his last year with Portland, he will get a four-year deal for between $21 million and $25 million. Some people have reported he will get a three-year deal for $15.7 million.

Jameer Nelson has re-signed with the Magic. He did not indicate how long or for how much the deal is. The deal comes just a week after Nelson opted out of the final season and nearly $8 million of his contract to test free agency.

Later athletes!


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