Action Allstars closing!!!

 Hey ChefBahamas here with an Update on Action Allstars!!!

Action Allstars closes tomorrow! 😦

It had a good run…

Goodbye to AAS 😦

Don’t forget to check out the Sportstopia Official Trailer!

Cya Athletes


11 thoughts on “Action Allstars closing!!!

  1. Bostonfan209 says:

    RIP action allstars

    But no need to be sad SPORTSTOPIA
    Is going to take its place

    By the when is it going to come out

  2. Brett297 says:

    I know we can’t chat on Action Allstars, but maybe we can at least see each other on Sports Fans Only At Cloe’s turf because I heard he is having a party for the last day, but anyways, just one more time to see each other then we will never see each other on Action Allstars ever again and then we will have to wait on Sportstopia to come to see each other again

    Just an idea


    • xSidewinder32x says:

      Hey brett…. its Side… IDK if u remember me but i forgot to say goodbye to all of my greatest friends…. If u have xbox live or something we can communicate and stuff.. btw the blog we made was fun bro.. xD

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