You can’t copy anything at all!

 Hey ChefBahamas here with an Update on ROAA

There is now a copyright sign now on the sidebar!  :arrow:©

Please don’t copy ANYTHING from this blog without ROAA’s consent!

If you do copy anything from this ROAA you are BREAKING THE LAW!

Chef doesn’t like mess around! 👿

Please comment below if you have any complaints or compliments 😛

Thanks for your support! 😉

Blog Copiers… [Abbster2’s Blog (I am just saying…)]

Cya Athletes

Message to PGP – No Grammar ERRORS! 😆


43 thoughts on “You can’t copy anything at all!

  1. Chris13921 says:

    now two more things…

    1. can you take another pic with my other outfit
    2.can you make me a sig

  2. Kool98 says:

    I’d like to say, many of your blog’s “ideas” werent your ideas in the first place. Many of your ideas such as “Caption That”, “Mystery Athlete”, ect., were from the regular blog.

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