Sportstopia! + Quick Links

Hey Athletes! Well TheBenjiBang thought of the original idea. But, since we haven’t heard from him in a while. Well Suns (me), Dalt, Eyes, and Chef were thinking we would make our own sports virtual world we realize this process will take a while but we are up for the challenge. Chef has even made a preview of what we hope will be the front page of Sportstopia. Take a look.

Sportstopia Home Page

Well, the point of Sportstopia is kind of the same as Action Allstars. Sportstopia  is where you can interact with people you know you can add them, chat, buy gear, play games, and much more. Sportstopia will actually listen to your problems, we will not ignore you as we know how Action Allstars ignored all of our ideas and suggestions. We will have gear although since the process of actually getting the NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL licensing would take to long will have made teams that are some what close the actual team name so you will still be able to buy sports gear, as well different kinds of gear. We will have not have MVP membership everything is free, except you have to play games in order to buy gear, as well as turf items. This Process to make the actual game will take a while so don’t get your hopes up, we are trying all we have to make this game work. This game is not an actual website yet. So you still can’t sign up for it, however we are trying to make it one.

Also I am deleting the dedication posts. We have other posts that are more important to the viewers. My apologies  Nickelodeon12 and Chris13921 you guys did great on being the first to figure out the mystery athlete. We will try to make it up by giving you guys something else soon…

On another note Check out the rest of the bloggers awesome posts here are the links to some of them. Click the title of the story in order to read it. Thanks for reading and keep commenting.

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Later Athletes,


94 thoughts on “Sportstopia! + Quick Links

  1. Chris13921 says:

    It is alright, I don’t really care….
    I hope you guys can finish the game sooner or later!
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  2. minilebron3 says:

    Hey if you guys are going to have refs i would like to be one ive always wanted to be a ref in action allstars and if you guys need any help with the site just tell me i am a pretty good artist if you need any sketches

  3. bwin113 says:

    You Guys Remember bwin113?! Well If you Dont He’s An Epic Awesome , And Nice Guy 😀 Well I Am Torn Up Cause AAS Died D: So Ive Been looking For A Sports World! I Hope You Guys Can Make The Site And I Will Obviously Sign Up! I Probally Also Be bwin113 If not I’ll be : bwin110 . Thanks For Reading! 🙂


  4. thebenjibang1 says:

    Got a LIL wishlist:
    1. ABBL, AAFL, etc, they should be on the game and everyone can sign up and watch games.
    2. Instead of TURFS, we should make it CRIBS
    3. Have a Chef’s Hidden Item

    and last… 5. Can I be a ref/blogger/ something since it was my idea to make a world (p.s i will make sportstopia coming soon stuff on coolguy’s blog)

  5. Crazyallstar says:

    sportstopia looks fun but i need to keep it away from my brother!!! My name on sportstopia won’t be crazyallstar anymore That name is stupid, It’ll be Aidyner (aidan er) Hope it comes out soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Crazyallstar says:

      I have to change crazyallstar bcuz my bro will find out I will do it will prob be more Likely something Xbox or mine craft or sports……

  6. thebenjibang1 says:

    I got a question. When do you predict when Sportstopia will be done? Oh and can you please add Soccer/Football to the items, and not like AAS only doing MLB,NBA,and does NFL still count when they didn’t have any logos?

  7. soccer2247 says:

    im keeping mine the same lakers2247 and im making to same accounts just in case if the other one gets hacked and that one will be soccer2247 and plz keep yoyo523 because hes going to hack ppl

    • thebenjibang1 says:

      No sport is bad dude, all sports a good. It’s not like fruit, where one is bad and the other is good. It’s a sports, you can dislike a sport, but you can’t call a sport bad… All sports are good, just people don’t like the sport

  8. Nonamejane says:

    Okay sounds good from all this info by the way if i cuss on the upcoming game will i get suspended? Thank you for your time.

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