Rumors and Rockets Make Deals

 Hey Athletes! Nearing the NBA draft, which means teams make tons of deals. First team that is making standout deals are the Houston Rockets. The Rockets, being one of many teams interested in Dwight Howard, are making desperate moves to make a deal with the Orlando Magic, which would include Howard. The Rockets traded Chase Budinger for the 18th pick in the 2012 draft. They already had the 14th and 16th picks in this year’s draft. They later dealt Samuel Dalembert to the Bucks for Shaun Livingston, Jon Leuer, and Jon Brockman, while also swapping the 14th pick for the Buck’s 12th pick. There was also cash and a future draft pick allotted to the Bucks. In a report, it is certain that Dwight Howard wouldn’t resign with Houston if dealt. The Rockets keep on pushing.

There are continuing free-agent rumors. Many would think that the most popular free agent would be Deron Williams. Believe it or not, Brandon Roy’s return to the NBA is making the most buzz. Several teams are interested in him. The Bulls are one of the many teams interested in signing the former all-star. (I read the news at the bottom of the ESPN bar lol)

With the draft being tonight, many teams are trying to trade up or down in the draft. The Bobcats have gotten offers for the No. 2 overall pick. Not all teams are just trading picks. During the past week, there have been rumors surrounding the Lakers and Pau Gasol. In some cases, there are rumors that the Lakers are planning to trade Pau Gasol for Hawks Forward, Josh Smith. Smith is extremely athletic and would give the Lakers a great shot-blocker. The trade is NOT confirmed and is only a rumor. Another statement by the Lakers is interest in trading Pau Gasol for a Top 10 pick in this year’s draft and an already stable NBA player. The best team in the league, the Portland Trailblazers (hehe) , have the 6 and 11 picks in the draft. It is certain that they will most likely draft a PG, but the big man position is extremely weak in the draft. The draft is extremely deep this year including 3 players who averaged double-doubles expected to be picked in the final 30 picks of the draft.

We hope to keep you updated with all draft news, trades, and players.


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