News from the NBA

Hello Bacons, or athletes which ever you prefer. I am here to bring news from around the NBA. Lets Begin, shall we?

The Bobcats are seriously considering trading the second overall pick in the NBA Draft and turning into more picks, which for a very young team is probably the best for them. The Bobcats were originally hoping to get the 1st overall pick to draft F/C Anthony Davis of Kentucky but 3 out of the last 23 teams who were the worst in the league have gotten the first overall pick. They are the 20th out of 23 to get anything besides the first overall pick.

Spurs G Tony Parker may not be able to play for the French in this years olympics due to injuries suffered in a fight with singing star Chris Brown and hip-hop star Drake’s entourage. “I almost lost my eye” said Parker after getting a shard of an object removed from his eye that “penetrated 99 percent of his left eye”. Parker later said “Anything could happen, including me being out of the Olympics”.

Mock Draft- First 10 Picks

1) Hornets- Anthony Davis

2) Bobcats- Thomas Robinson

3) Wizards- Bradley Beal

4) Cavaliers- Harrison Barnes

5) Kings- Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

6) Trail Blazers- Andre Drummond

7) Warriors- Damian Lillard

8 ) Raptors- Dion Waiters

9) Pistons- Kendall Marshall

10) Hornets- Austin Rivers

Thats my mock draft, I really think that the Bobcats will trade down to #7 where the Warriors are and get their 7, 35 picks overall and a 1st or 2nd round pick next year. They could even trade down to #4 with the Cavaliers and get their 24th pick too as they could try and work on getting nice, new talent. Just my thoughts.

Executive Danny Ferry of the San Antonio Spurs signs with the Atlanta Hawks as their GM. Ferry is possibly what the Hawks need at this time. Not getting far in the playoffs for two years straight now, the Hawks may need to shake up their roster and Ferry can do just that. The Hawks have 6 guys that have 10+ years experience now. Jeff Teague is a decent PG but can’t come through in the clutch situations and Josh Smith is very talented but he and Joe Johnson don’t share the ball as well as they should. The deal that really pops in my mind would be to send Teague and Smith to Memphis and receive Mike Conley and O.J. Mayo or possibly even a Rudy Gay.

The Hawks have 6 unsigned players this offseason and are over the cap limit. The truth is that they need to cut ties with Marvin Williams. Williams, the second overall pick in 2005, has not lived up to the expectations of the organization. Williams’ salary is now at 7.5 million and he is unproductive to say the least. That will open a little Cap space but they can get 2 decent players from it or one good one, I would think F/C Brandon Bass (4.3 million) and Mikael Pietrus (1.2 million) would do just fine in filling the gaps.

Later Athletes,

P.S.! The Arizona Wildcats have won the College World Series!!!! Go Wildcats!


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