Last spot in FFL!

Hello Hello, There is one spot left in my FFL (Football Fantasy League). Its first come first serve with the exception of reporters, since they’re awesome.

Also look for my upcoming post, The AAS yearbook. Filled with the greatest memories and signatures from the most, iconic athletes. It will have all the AAMLB, AABL, ABL, AAFL and the ASL teams and players.

It will also have awards for Best Sportsmanship, Dream Team, Craziest Dresser, and Best Chef (Bahamas) ๐Ÿ™‚ย ย ย  And the covetted RoAA Favorite Canadian Award, which goes to our favorite Canadian

Look for this and a new contest coming up, well it’s not “new” new but it hasn’t been here for a while,,, UNSCRAMBLE!!!

That will also be paired with Sports Reel: Guess the Movie!

~ Sunsโ€™s Add-onย – ROAA members we must have a meeting on the private chat ASAP. We must discuss something about the blog.

So, a big week is ahead so stay tuned!


83 thoughts on “Last spot in FFL!

    • aytan says:

      when did that happen 100 years ago and that’s why Lakers has won more finals and did suns ever win the finals NO and thats what i thought

      ~Phoenix suns suck and Lakers are better

      • Reporters of Action Allstars says:

        Hmm a hundred years ago? Try 2007 Suns Vs Lakers 2007 series. Also you suck up to chef so much. YOU ALWAYS COMMENT AND COMMENT CHEF CHEF CHEF ARE YOU THERE. Like seriously dude and you beg to be on this blog so just stop your getting really annoying. Another thing what does it matter who has more championships its called thats the past who do you have that is good on the lakers Kobe Bryant wow thats it he HAS to score all the points because he has no teamates that can make shots.


      • aytan says:

        look who suns had back then. they had nash, gren hill[use to be good back then] and Amare studamire and laker only had kobe. and about chef i am being a good friend and u think u own this blog but u don’t chef does

        ~Kobe is the best


      • Reporters of Action Allstars says:

        Umm…Actually if you knew your facts than you would know that I created this blog and I actually came up with the idea to make the blog and asked Chef to join and we are Co-Owners of the blog. So you yea get your facts straight before you talk


      • Brett297 says:

        Dude the Suns are way better Aytan

        Suns have the best point guard in the league which will be in the Hall of Fame,

        And yeah the Suns DID beat the Lakers in the 2007 playoffs


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