Caption That + Jok34Jr

Hey Athletes, Jok34 here.

It’s been a long time and many things have changed

Besides that here is a new caption that.

Top 3 winners get Bragging Rights. And nothing is better than bragging rights, besides money.

This is a pic of Jok34Jr

I wouldn’t wanna mess with that 6 pac

Peace from the east.

10 thoughts on “Caption That + Jok34Jr

  1. derickrose120 says:

    dang look at rondo is there huddle listening to there plays i never knew rondo plays on the miami heat , and jok if thats your does he look like you cuz he probly dont he probly got a better six pack better than your

  2. ayt19000 says:

    hey Rondo we know you are good but this is not the time to watch tutorial plays on youtube from coach’s 4g phone with us

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