You Create!!


Hey athletes, I need your help here. I need you to comment some contests we should do. They can but don’t have to be from AAS. Some examples are:

Sports Reel: Guess the Movie- Where I give hints on a sports film and first to get it correct picks the next movie (cant guess the one they picked)

Caption That- I give you a picture and you give your very best caption,, winner gets a post dedicated to their awesomeness

Guess the song- I give you one line to a song and the winner picks the next song (like sports reel, the winner can’t win twice in a row because they picked that song)

Beat The Champ- I will predict some games in Mlb, NBA, NFL so on and if you beat me I might get you a one time guest blog (no promises though)

Thats only a few! So Comment on one of these or make your own! You must have a desciption of your made up blog game and a 1 sentence reason why I should pick it!

Non-Related to this, check out all of our wonderful latest posts, chef basically covers them in the post below

Peace Love and Bacon (Impossibru)


27 thoughts on “You Create!!

  1. chaddydog17 says:

    Dalt can u change the draft time I on a plane to Hawaii during that time period can u move it back an hour or 30 min cuz I layover in LA from 710 am la time till 915 am la time plz move it back I will show for the first 2 rounds if u don’t and I will show for 10-12 rounds depending on how far back u move it. Thanks dalt

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