Sports Review with SHAQONEAL14!

Hey Viewers of ROAA!

Have you guys been waiting for this segment called “Sports Review”? If you have, quit waiting! Because it’s about to start right now! Ok, todays sports review is based on two sports..Wanna know which? Well let’s get to the review!



 Oklahoma City Thunder VS. Miami Heat Today @ “American Airlines Arena” on ABC tonight.

Miami leads the series 2-1. Miami looking to put it up 3-2. And Oklahoma look to tie it up 2-2. Let’s watch and find out.

…..If you guys saw, on Twitter, Metta World Peace has a bad relashionship with James Harden putting this comment  on Twitter:

            “NO BRAIN, ALL BEARD”

Due to two months ago in a Lakers VS. Thunder game, World Peace elbowed Harden on the head. Reporters said World peace was ejected from the game.

Let’s get to the new segment called:

EURO 2012!

Today is England VS. Ukraine and Sweden VS. France. Portugal doing good with Cristiano Ronaldo. So let’s see how this turns out today.

Well athlete’s that probably it with today’s Sports Review with me SHAQONEAL14. And I will come back to you next Tuesday.

Also ROAA, please check the time on the password protected post I made for our meeting.



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