Hey ChefBahamas here with some BREAKING NEWS!!!

Action Allstars is SHUTTING DOWN!!!

Cya Athletes


49 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS!!!

    • boarder896 says:

      wooooow thats messed up there was so many people at AA AND OUT of nowhere they just retire im gonna miss that becuz no one is really giving us a reason THEY SHUT DOWN!!!!

  1. Moneyc123 says:

    Man I Amm About To Go Ham On This Sight For reall first no chat then no sports spshyfic then no baseball now SHUTTING DOWN BSSSSS Rigth there :(((((((((((((((((((((

  2. yankeekyle says:

    I told you guys action allstars was done, i mean, no update for a month, we all new this was gonna happen. Well I get back on after a year and 2 months later…. THEY SHUT IT DOWN … Guys, we need to find another website to get on

  3. yankeekyle says:

    well guys, we got 13 days until they close, we could all send messages to tell them were angry ticked off people… just saying and to not shut down, doubt that will work again though

    • aytan says:

      i called them but they never picked up so i send them a voice-mail but no use so call them a lot and i agree with yankeekyle


  4. yankeekyle says:

    I just realized, all of us, including me, with over a million xp, we wasted all of our time we could have been exercising on this game just for what, IT WOULD SHUT DOWN ON US. Well now im mad

  5. SHAQONEAL14 says:

    Hey Chef, can I do the turf spotlight. Tell me who it is and I will go to there turf, and take a picture. Tell me in the protected post so no one will see. Please?

  6. KKrraazzyy says:

    Hey anybody try a new game It’s called TransForMice I play it with (crazyAllstar,Randyorton230) already anybody wanna start playing make ac account or play as a guest guest can’t chat but accounts can, you type in rooms at the chat box like this is witch room i go in /room towerdefense,Baffbotffa (ffa means free for all)and room racing and some plane rooms like 1 or 20 gather cheese to buy clothes everything it free I’m MonkeyAidyn There are some rooms to never go in or you get hacked It’s room transformice and if you see some super pro guy that is one go leave right away unless he thinks your a noob, there are noob mice and pro mice i’m proob (half Pro Half Noob) wanna came play with some old friends when aa is over.

  7. yankeekyle says:

    We should either make our own game…or Send TONS of messages saying keep action allstars… I know how to make our own website, and my friend is a freaking geniuos and has already made like, 5 websites, there just not sports related.

  8. Jack says:

    I have been without AAS for a little more than 4 months. I have been BUMMED OUT! I hope ya’ll come back. All of us would just love that. I’ve been through denial, anger, bargaining, sadness and acceptance constantly for all this time! Please come back!

  9. gaganjo348 says:

    All because of you guys the site used to be the best website until you guys mess it up i wish you guys never went on it the first place i been with the site ever since it started i am the best athlete on it and the most honoring athlete but you guys just had to mess it up i don’t care now but now you guys just want to be immature on the website. I don’t care about the site shutting down but you guys are little punks.

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