News on ROAA!!!

 ChefBahamas ‘ere!

The WINNER of the Sneak Peak of ROAA is jjthebest!!! (Reporters don’t count 😦 )

Don’t forget to check out my Sports Review:  Sports Review

ROAA Reporters…WE NEED TO PLAN THE “Private Chat” sometime.

Cya Athletes


12 thoughts on “News on ROAA!!!

  1. drew2458 says:

    Chef will we be doing another secret post to see who is guest blogger I commented on he first secret posts first (besides u and suns) and best commented on the second one first so I mean let’s do won a little easier

  2. Brett297 says:

    Hey Guys I have an announcement,

    I won’t be on for like 5 days because I am going Camping so If you don’t see me posting on my blog, or commenting on any other blog (like this) then
    That’s why
    I will be back on Friday, June 22nd

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