Secret Posts!!!

 ChefBahamas here!

I’m going to start an old Blog Series again called Secret Posts!

What you have to do is…find the letter in the picture I provide.

Once you find the letter go to the post that says “Password Protected” and enter the letter you found from the picture. The Secret Post will be revealed if you enter the CORRECT password. The post will be to sign up to be the NEXT GUEST BLOGGER! (Next Friday…NOT Tomorrow) Then I will pick the lucky “candidate” to be the NEXT Guest Blogger!

Don’t forget to check out the Guest Blogger…Aytan!

Click the green bar that says “Guest Blogger Aytan!!!” at the top.


The FIRST Person to comment gets a sneak peak on whats next in Reporters of Action Allstars!

Now here is the Picture for the letterS that you NEED TO FIND in order to know what is in the next post! ( It has to be in a certain order! HINT: They are all capitals 🙂 )

Good Luck! (The Protected Post will be right above this post)

Don’t forget to check out my Sports Review on the Heat and Thunder Game AND We are now starting Turf Spotlight AGAIN thanks to Suns 😛

IF you want to have your Turf as “Turf Spotlight” comment NOW (Click this LINK!!!): Turf Spotlight…ENTER NOW!!!


23 thoughts on “Secret Posts!!!

  1. drew2458 says:

    This is way harder than the other one can u give us another hint like how many letters are there and stuff like that cause there something on the star and idk what it is this one is tuff compared to the other one

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