Secret Posts!!!

 ChefBahamas here!

I’m going to start an old Blog Series again called Secret Posts!

What you have to do is…find the letter in the picture I provide.

Once you find the letter go to the post that says “Password Protected” and enter the letter you found from the picture. The Secret Post will be revealed if you enter the CORRECT password. The post will be to sign up to be the NEXT GUEST BLOGGER! (Next Friday…NOT Tomorrow) Then I will pick the lucky “candidate” to be the NEXT Guest Blogger!

Don’t forget to check out the Guest Blogger…Aytan!

Click the green bar that says “Guest Blogger Aytan!!!” at the top.


A New Guest Blogger will be there WEEKLY!

Now here is the Picture for the letter that you NEED TO FIND TO BE GUEST BLOGGER!

Good Luck! (The Protected Post will be right above this post)


17 thoughts on “Secret Posts!!!

  1. yankeekyle says:

    DOES ANYBODY ELSE think or know that the creators of action allstars have stopped action allstars, they are done with it, there will be no more new items in the stores, and if im wrong oh well, because thats what it seems like to me, oh and whats new chef?

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