Message to Arshak13 and Nabil47

Hey Athletes,

Suns here and i have a message for Arshak13 and Nabil47. First of all I did make Reporters of Action Allstars, and Arshak13 if you know Chef so much than you would know that I came up with the original idea of making the blog with chef. I asked Chef to join the blog. So I actually did make the original account. Also Nabil47 i remember you, yeah your that one kid who BEGGED me none stop to join the AABL Thunder basketball team. Yeah and Arshak13 who are you i have never heard of you? But I want to thank you guys for taking time out of YOUR day to hate on me, I mean not that you have any lives so you must have a lot of time on your hands and “Sunsgirl3” and “Gaydickfan3″ thats so original how long did that take you to figure those names out. ‘Gaybil47” “ArYouHomo13” see anyone can come up with stupid names. However, I don’t honestly care if you think i didn’t make ROAA even though i did, but either way this blog is way more popular than yours. Another thing i noticed is your blog name starts with Reporters hey who came up with that idea first. If your gonna make a blog at least be original and come up with your own blog name. So if your calling me stupid and dumb, than why do you take this blogs ideas? You should really think before you speak right?



Later Athletes,


32 thoughts on “Message to Arshak13 and Nabil47

  1. abbster2 says:

    Hey suns!! Remember the convo we had on cool’s chat? Loll…anyway… do u have a meez?? nd check out my blog when u got timee!! Later…… :mrgreen:

  2. Arshak13 says:

    first of all
    i didnt come up with the name reportersofshakandallstars
    when they told me to make it we were planning to make an blog with some of my friends they said make it reporters and i didnt care so i MADE A NEW ONE after that cuz reporters of action allstars is gonna cry about it and start talking crap so thats my story anoying girl.

  3. Arshak13 says:

    and tell me how you gonna bann me you can’t do shit cuz your gay and you dont know what it is because you got no life

  4. zacefron597 says:

    Sunsfan3, Dude Let Me say On Thing Dont do anything To Arshak13 k? cuz Its All Nabil47 who is Doing this . Arshak is Good Guys Nabil
    to an advantage To use Shak To abuse you! So its Not Arshak Fault!


  5. coolguy174 says:

    Nice to know that there’s still some AAS haters out there (Nabil and Arshak). Have a wonderful summer.

  6. drew2458 says:

    dude shak dont even try to give a excuse to all of that all the stuff suns said is true….. ur trying to go to suns level which is no where close to u (shak epicly fails)

  7. Arshak13 says:

    SunsFan3 sorry about messing with you guys and anoyying you but can we just stop?
    and just tell your buddies to stop im just gonna leave aas cuz its still not the same i didnt really like chat because i always got suspended but im not gonna talk smack anymore.

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