Just to let you know.

Hey Athlete’s!

Shaqoneal14 here to let you guys know that, if you curse in our comments instead of helping us out. You will be either:

  • Reported

So be careful what you say!…This post is mostly for Arshak13, Nabil47, and others that curse in our comments…


Thats all for now..

Oh and BTW, If you get banned, BLAME ME! NOT THE OTHER REPORTERS!



36 thoughts on “Just to let you know.

  1. yankeekyle says:

    i first got on in 2010 and it was awesome back then but now they basically jacked up action allstars, are they done with it, giving everyone mvp and taking away news and trivia and stuff?

  2. randyorton230/crazyallstar says:

    RandyOrton230 umm aa was so much better in 2008/2008/2010, 2011 uhh alittle:s , crazy allstar, shaqullie o’neal u were my friend untill you asked me for mvp so i quit then free mvp (because somebody), and music maker said what does this have to do about not chatting fool!! any ways you deleted my first comment go ahead ban/report me see how much i care if i banned /reported idc i already quit im glad this is happening now bcuz aa will never work on it again it’s ruind stop sending messages to them or they think you learned a leason, more messages more no chat more messages no trivia,BroadCast Center and Sports pychic, how about that?! go ahead ban crazyallstar see how i care if you do i see it im banned id rather give my account the the pickles i have so many other accounts if i want to come back about a million accounts nobody no’s delete them i get a special way to make an account change the banned names and im back its simple as possible. RandyOrton230 let as be how they want it to be ok??. Crazyallstar ugh. Randyorton230 Crazy dont be so jugy or what ever your not a ref. Crazyallstar is this a flipping chat room no and rand i thought we teamed up to stop shaquille.RandyOrton230 No we said we comment helping the the aa turn normal and you didnt leave aa for ever. Crazyallstar do you no what were over.Randyorton230 Fine and shaqullie send as much ppl to try and save aa inclueding me!

  3. SHAQONEAL14 says:

    You better shut up BigGayAllstar cuz if you and AruHomo13 and GayBil47 can’t get a life besides disagreeing with peoples good ideas then shut the h*ll up and go live ur stupid life!…Get out of here!..Dont get on this blog if you gonna tlk smack on us!..Just leave no one wants you here!

  4. Arshak13 says:

    report me? what’s that gonna do i dont even get on aas so just report me what they gonna do nothing of course

  5. Arshak13 says:

    and im tired of making you guys cry so just stop talking to me and checking my athlete and my blog cuz its all to good for all of u

  6. Arshak13 says:

    and tell suns girl. that at least im nicer to noobies except for you thats why you only have gay friends

  7. RandyOrton230 says:

    Crazy gotta admit you suck your nfl codes were useless!! aaron rodgers you can buy troy what ever you can buy all those codes you can buy it was unfair to non mvps anyway go ahead and lie that you quit i saw you on court on aidyn280aj it’s not like you said your not him. (btw today i wrote this i saw venus pass the sun!!!)

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