SPECTACULAR NEWS, but still not cool

Well Athletes i know we’ve all quitted but come on, how can we not miss a game that was so much fun back then. I mean free mvp, free chatting, free anything, but the mods took it all away. BUT! Something has come back. Guess what it is (ding dong ding dong ding dong ding, ding dong ding dong diiiiiing) TIMES UP! Here is the answer:

FREE MVP YALLS! (technically “yall” isnt a word, only in south xD)

Awsome huh? I mean ever since chat was gone, all of my friends, sadly including reporters of aa quitted. But we didnt really quit, we just was checking on updates you know. Hopefully chat comes back and everything will be awesomer and back to normal. Hopefully i see my friends again or at least chat with them on some other site while playing aa when mvp is finally free.

If you wanna say hi or hello Β or chat my email is “ibembry@ymail.com” Facebook name is “SmooveEbb Bembry” add me if you want.

Cya guys!



47 thoughts on “SPECTACULAR NEWS, but still not cool

  1. drew2458 says:

    I’m not just saying this to u smooth but I told y’all not to leave aas for people who did me shak TBB and a few others stayed some of them fucked aas I told y’all (just talking to peeps who quit)I knew this was gonna happen everyone leave and then a few weeks later free MVP

  2. Eveling14 says:

    They’ve lost the MLB contract, puzzle scrambles and sports psychic are gone, the broadcasr center makes you freeze, it’s all gone wrong for action all stars

  3. Chloe6897 says:

    Maybe they are just updating things everyday.
    And maybe, just my own thought, there would be a new Action Allstars after all the update!

  4. aidyn2006 says:

    wow baseball just began and they lost connection, boy well that’s over and i can’t even get into trivia, once i’m in BroadCast Center i’m stuck on the build/picture board.

  5. abbster2 says:

    I miss all my buddies!! At least I can see besty and na and joe and u smooth on Meez! Miss yall all! 😦

  6. Eveling14 says:

    Ikr cavaliers24, they haven’t updated the blog in over a week (not like them), we can’t see any of the comments on the blog now (weird), the refs never come online anymore (sad times), and i actually wonder whether the refs are completely gone because I’ve seen a few athletes with Ref before their name :/ I agree with Suns, we just need to keep nagging them and eventually they’ll get the picture, I keep writing something on the feedback thing on the phones everytime I log on. I’d just like to hear something from AAS so that we can actually find out what on earth is happening.

  7. cavaliers24 says:

    Good thing is that it’s free mvp, bad thing no chatting and more, what’s next will action allstars explode or you have to pay to play or they’ll delete every one’s account whats next!!!!!!!!

  8. derickrose120 says:

    yyyyyyyyaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh bbbbbbbbuuuuuuudddddddyyyyyyy
    ffffffffffrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee mmmmmmmmvvvvvvvvvvvppppppp

    • nhuskers4 says:

      Hey man, i dont play meez anymore but soon my bro does and the account name is maurize. if you get on there i might come back and holla at you err once in a while

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