Stats and Bucks Info!

Hey all, until I can get on the ABL blog, I am posting stats on here. It was apparently Upset Wednesday as the King defeated the Sonics, 31-27, Meanwhile (not an upset) The Magic defeated the Rockets 31-10



Omgiamcool                 13                                                4                                                  3

Eisner24                           14                                                6                                                 4



Sunsfan3                                14                                            2                                      3

NationalSwagz                      17                                          1                                       2




TheBenjiBang                             13                                        1                                   2

Brett297                                      18                                       3                                     2



derickrose120                         10                                   0                                 0

Jayston03                                         0                                   0                                  0

Those were stats and this is information on the Bucks of the ABL!

 Bucks Roster

 Headquarters of Milwaukee Bucks

Wonderful Fans

Thats it!

Peace and Bacon,,,,


17 thoughts on “Stats and Bucks Info!

  1. dalt0521 says:

    Way to go Suns, deleting everyone off the blog because your bipolar?
    This blog was the best one of action allstars and you ruined it now, You hardly ever post, your just disgraceful

  2. garnett888alt says:

    Suns is a disgraceful mother fucker, he needs to get a life, Suns you ruined a whole great blog, Now we hate you, Like we hate kevin22290 and chaddydog17

    P.S! everyone call me at 477-IM-SUPER-GAY!

    This comment has been edited by the Secret Athlete. *Dalt*

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