Did The MLB Store Somehow Disappear?

 Reporter SmooveGuy6 here to give you latest of Action Allstars!

Hey Baseball Fans! It appears that the MLB Store has disappeared! Heres how I found out. I was just playing few games and doing the tourney thing then i wanted to buy some hats and hoodies and all i saw was just plain ground. I didnt see the star to go inside the store and anything. I thought i was becoming blind but i asked a few people and they said “Idk where it went”.

If you dont believe me heres the proof!

Weird huh? My guess is, they must be renewing the store. The only way now to access the MLB Store is to:

1. Go to diamonds run

2. Click the shopping cart on your right next to the Home turf logo.

And thats it! Hopefully the MLB Store comes back soon enough!

Later Gators Haters and Waitors!



5 thoughts on “Did The MLB Store Somehow Disappear?

  1. Derek45427 says:

    For the people who know how to access the MLB gear at least give some people who don’t know how to access the MLB gear some steps so they know how to do it? I tried doing it but it did not work for me.

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