Tar finally has something to be proud of!

Tar has a song written after him now, it goes something like this!

( To the tune of Rolling in the Deep)

There’s a loser, on action allstars,, His husband is Dog and he’s scared of the dark

Finally we can see your true colors, Go ahead and talk some more and I’ll just ignore you

See how he will try to swindle you, Don’t underestimate the things that blonde will do

The Tars of the world remind me of Dog, They keep me thinking that we should ignore them

The Tars of the world they get left speechless,and it is because, they simply get OOOOOOWNED!

He had his heart brooooken by men, and he played it, like he didnt care

Tar has a story, that should be told and I will tell you in this next verse,

He thinks of men in the depths of his despair, Faking his home is here but he doesnt own it

The Tars of the world deserve to be Bufn’d, They keep us thinking what is wrong with kids today

The Tars of the world, they get left helpless, They can’t help feeling

“What is wrong with meeeeeeee, or is it socieeeeety?”

” All those men broke myyyyy heart, But I played it like a wanna-be”

“I throw my heat out there but it gets ste-e-pped o-o-on”

” I cant count my blessings, and there’s nothing to look for!”

Turn his sorrow into into treasured gold, and pay him back with a good old fashioned burn!


Thats His song, I hope you all enjoyed, BTW! OHHHHH BUFNNNN!



50 thoughts on “Tar finally has something to be proud of!

  1. candycane44 says:

    come on guys and girls if you think that song is good you have problems, it makes no sense the dude that wrote this has serious problems and post on you tube now thats funny

    • bwin113 says:

      Tar, heres the dip. You’r acting like a big jerk to everyone so ppl hate u. If you could actully do something good for once, people would get you ….. And dude, this song shows how stupid you are and your probally proud about being stupid Epic Fail Tar ps ……….. Now we ALL know why your never on.

  2. tarheel3672 says:

    this i find funny everyone makes these comments and then talk crap behind dalts back. ive not really said much since i took my guy back.you either like me or you dont and i promise it want hurt my feelings.so too all you haters ,hate on.i never tryed to start anything just defending myself. the truth is iv’e never had any problems with anyone but dalt is a prick and alot of people would agree

    • coolguy174 says:

      To sum it up, yes garnett is pretending to be tar. When I said to him “stop trying to be tar” he just kept saying “lol” because he thought it was funny. Well, he has such a small brain he can’t understand that he’s just being stupid.

  3. nbebeast63 says:

    that was very bad I thought it was one of the worst songs ever i would feel embaressed if i were the guy that came up with that

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