The Winner of Turf Challenge Tournament is….

 Reporter SmooveGuy6 here to give you the latest in Action Allstars.

Hey Athletes, Looks like the February’s Turf Challenge Tournament is over. Here are the winners for both Boys and Girls TC tournament.

The Winner of the Boys TC Turf Challenge Tournament is ……. (drum rolls)

 Congrats tar (i will give you 1000 tokens tomorrow)

And now, the winner of the Girls Turf Challenge Tournament is ……. (drum rolls)

 My besty, JJTHEBEST! Congratz! (note: i will give you 1000 tokens tomorrow)

Well those are the winners for February’s TC Tournament.

Note: if you wanna be in March’s TC Tournament, Comment below with your athlete name. Only 10 competitors can enter. I will pronouce each winner, Each week.The Boys and Girls TC Tournament is now no more. All competitors (even girls) can join and face each other. If you are not one of the first 10 commenters, Then you will not be in this months TC Tournament. You will have 2 days to fix your turf. I will post the Tournament on March 3. Make sure you put your best turf out there.

Cya Athletes!


41 thoughts on “The Winner of Turf Challenge Tournament is….

  1. tarheel3672 says:

    like i said tired of your big mouth dalt and eyes i can shut your little boy mouth too. i guess eyes is you little boy toy since he likes to fight your battles thats why everone votes for me cause yall think yall are all that. just play your fake basketball like little wankers. grow up, anytime any place we can settle this.dalt started this with his big mouth now yall are talking like little gay boys when i said i would spank you in a turf contest everyone knows you would not stand a chance.wish i could see you and eyes in real life were i could smack b oth of you.

  2. guesswho says:

    Btw guys the actual tar retired so thats not him talking smack. The real tar said it would be about six months for he came back. The reason i know because im his cousin in real life

  3. tarheel3672 says:

    Ok this is the real tar .First off i would have never come on this blog and your right who cares if im on here or not, I dont know who had my account but it want happen anymore. The truth of the matter i dont even know anyone but dalton and he always been a smartbutt i just ignore him. So hopefully you will never see or hear from me again if you do its not me. BTW i didnt make that turf

  4. coolguy174 says:

    That was never real tar guys. He was hacked, that wasn’t the real tar. Bob was also hacked, and he couldn’t get him back. I just wanna spread the word, tar was hacked, that wasn’t him being a jerk. Real tar has his account back!

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