The Final Round of TC Tournament!

 Reporter Kendal78 (SmooveGuy6) here to give you the latest in Action Allstars.

Here are the last competitors for the boys and girls turf challenge tournament of this month.

Tarheel3672 vs coolguy174. Good luck guys!


Now for the Ladies, JJTHEBEST vs Shakeitup1300. Good luck!


Okay guys, those are the final competitors for Februarys Turf Challenge Tournament. Choose wisely and best of luck to these guys. Congratulations for entering the final round.

Cya Guys!



26 thoughts on “The Final Round of TC Tournament!

  1. dalt0521 says:

    Carlos Santana
    Brian McCann
    Albert Pujols
    Miguel Cabrera
    Mark Teixiera
    Ian Kinsler
    Jose Bautista
    Aramis Ramirez
    Elvis Andrus
    Prince Fielder
    Eric Hosmer (beast)
    Michael Morse
    Curtis Granderson
    Mike Stanton
    Josh Hamilton
    Jay Bruce
    Nelson Cruz
    Dan Uggla
    David Ortiz
    Adam Lind
    Nick Swisher
    Justin Verlander
    James Shields
    Mariano Rivera
    Brian “Fear the Beard” Wilson

  2. naomi12909 says:

    dude nick watch the language there was no reason to say that. Coolguy was actually being creative so just be quiet. You weren’t even picked to be in this so cool guy turf is obviously better than your just saying.

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