My Other New Account.

 Reporter Smoove3 letting all athletes know that this is my new account.

Hi all, as you know, clayton1 has been hcked for a while now. So, i had an account that I never used for the past almost 5 months. So i will use this as my primary account. Again i will use this as my primary account.

Ducez Athletes!



30 thoughts on “My Other New Account.

      • phillies103 says:

        hey if you want clayton back go to the register trpe clayton1 for user name then click forgot for password hopefully it will send you an email so you can maybe figure the password out and maybe even the hacker or the bonehead 🙂 good luck if you try

  1. a person who's not trying to be a poser to coolguy174 says:

    dude ypur the kid who plays action allstars everyday all day so your telling me to get a life

  2. zacefron597 says:

    to:coolguy174 poser
    dude stop trying to be him cuz ik cool form a long time ago!
    and he said me lil boy and teased me but he is nice to me but stop copying coolguy174! cuz you cant be coolgu174 cuz he is cool!

  3. dttat2458 says:

    ik who hacked u if u already know just say so here is who hacked u

    i was at smoothiez turf and i said who is smoothiez now and he said cdy so its cody if u didnt know if u did dont yell at meh or anything

    • Smoove3 says:

      Lolss dtt is okay, Btw That so-called “cody89009” is not really cody89009, Hes Kobe67679, and plus 2 days ago, OldSpice42 gave me cody89009, for being his awesome friend for a very long time. Soo uhh now i have cody89009. He also told me not to give it to NO ONE AT ALL. Soo i gotta keep the account cody89009 safe.

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