ABI Most Wanted


Good evening, I am here to talk about something serious, The most wanted people on AAS. Specifically, the most wanted person on AAS, Chaddydog17.Yes he is wanted for being immasculent and getting beaten up, by a Care Bear, Viewer Descretion is Advised                

    Profile Picture

Warrant- Constant caps, thinks everyone likes him when really they don’t, sued his child for his inheritance when his wife, snow10 passed away (also known as a d*ck move)

Gender- Both

Age- To ugly to tell

Weight- alot

Places you might find him- Anywhere besides a sports field

If you have any leads please call the ABI Hotline at ILOLATDOG or 145-652-8364


18 thoughts on “ABI Most Wanted

  1. Dttat2458 says:

    I didn’t mean to say The f word he edited that I’m just saying why did u do that salt I didn’t do anything to u daly why u doin it to meh

  2. dttat2458 says:

    i dont use spygate …. i have no idea what that is anyway DOG quit as coach of the PATRITIOS CAUSE HE SAID HE’S “DEAD”

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