What did you get for Christmas?

Hey Athletes,

SunsFan3 here telling you what i got this holiday season. I got everything i wanted this christmas didn’t really ask for a lot as you will see when i show you what i got for christmas. Tell me what did you get this christmas in the comment section below most creative list may get some tokens. (Note: these are not my pictures so my stuff is in better condition than some of these pictures)

 Vancouver Grizzlies Snapback

 Vans Beanie

 Vans Shoes


Comment what you go in the comment section below


Cya Athletes,




33 thoughts on “What did you get for Christmas?

  1. Clayton1 says:

    Lol i got 2 new snap backs, and i got my new Iphone, I got a PS3 even though i already have one. And i got new Derrick Rose sneakers caz you know, I am a fan of Derrick Rose since he was in high school. So yeah thats all i got.

  2. sal7617 says:

    I got a Notre Dame snap back (plus more Notre Dame memorabila) , An akers jersey that just went up from him breaking the record, an italian flyers hat, and madden hall of fame edition 12.

  3. dttat2458 says:

    the following is what dttat got
    texas rangers snapback
    baylor snapback
    madden 12
    nba 2k12
    blue and white reebok zigtech’s
    an idoc u can plug ur iphone into it and music comes out really cool
    a apple macbook laptop
    sweet white headphones

    that it

  4. ALLSTAR495 says:

    I received $300. A Detroit Tigers jersey. A new baseball bat. A wooden baseball bat, baseball gloves, an Under Armour Strap-Pack, The Hangover Part II and more.

  5. nbebeast63 says:

    I got black studio beast by dr dre green and white Zigtechs(zig pro futures) The Kevin Durant shoes, Air jordan flight school, iphone, and much more

  6. nbebeast63 says:

    I also got 10 pairs of nike elite socks, under armour sweatshirt and my nikeid low hyperfuse new basketb all hoop for my indoor court and more sruff just can think of all right now

  7. JJTHEBEST says:

    i got a purple skateboeard:)
    135 dollars 😀
    an H&M jacket
    room makeover!!
    a chance to play my ps3(jk always had one)
    an xbox(also always had lol)
    and a creative list^^^^^

  8. pace217 says:

    I got
    Remote control cars 😀 (kids toys rock) a helicopter a new softball glove, money :] and a signed jersey from my favorite fb team, da gators!

  9. yankees6342 says:

    I got green and white basketball zigtechs black beats by dr dre, Customized Oakley sunglasses, Omen Composite baseball bat, and alot more

  10. coolguy174 says:

    MW3, Brees jersey (stitched), Lamichael James jersey (Oregon Ducks running back), Madden12, a new first basemen glove, some money, and some more smaller gifts.

  11. thebenjibang1 says:

    i got
    Madden 12
    These Sweet Pumas and New Balances
    uDraw [i found out it was stupid cause you HAD to press the A button and draw]
    Graffiti [spell check??] Sony Speaker for my ipod
    NYJ LT jersey and NYJ beanie with shirt
    The Sims 3
    A cople Kinect games
    and…. thats my presents! and Bro360 why don’t YOU put your christmas presents so tht way we all can call you a LIER!!!

  12. Dion Waiters03 says:

    I got a signed Dion Waiters syracuse jersey, beats by dr dre nba 2k12, battlefield 3, oakley sunglasses, KD 4 basketball shoes, Easton composite bat, and some other things which i cant think of at this moment

  13. JOHN says:

    i got nike shoes super cool

    madden 12

    a chance to go to europe








  14. EliWilson says:

    I gots: plaid sperrys, an auburn tie A.U. t-shirt A.U. hat, an ihome for meh IPad 2 (already had it for like a year or so), a kindle fire, a pitch back baseball net, a pair of rebocks zigs (5th pair!), a pair of clear Ray Bans like glasses but fake (3rd pair!), a polo ralph lauren long sleeve dress shirt (its orange to match meh tie!), camo jacket, plaid ralph lauren shorts, a pink polo shirt (raplh lauren), polo cologne (ralph lauren), and $250 (: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • EliWilson says:

      to be legit and all meh plaid shorts and sperrys are orange,navy blue,and white! and meh zigtechs are navy blue and orange with the A.U. sign on the back!

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