Caption That

Hey Athletes Jok34 here. “I am your father” actually I am just here with another edition of Caption That.

Here are last weeks winners.

kat345 – “It says the Star Wars conventition was here at 1:30”

coolguy174 – “May the bat be with you”

clayton1 – “Heeeyyyyy Vader vader vader vader SWING!!!”

Congratulations to these winners who. Ya’ll won a loot of 1000 Tokens.

Nice Job. Ok guys try and make me lol from this funny pic.

Good Luck Athletes.


45 thoughts on “Caption That

  1. eric2323 says:

    kobe’s ex wife: i no u like him but seriously i just got through a divorce with him
    lady: well i dnt care! kobe will be on my wallpaper and u can do nothing about it!
    kobe’s ex wife: oh no u didnt sister!

    later on, there was a chick fight and guess who it was between

  2. kat345 says:

    ” Ok i’m going to wait to take the picture when he looks the most focused.”
    she reaches for the picture, and mutters while making this face ” he head is to high ,my arm can only swing around so far”.

  3. Tonyjk says:

    I need that picture with KOBE!
    girl: Hmm Maybe if he sees i look like miley Cyrus he’ll turn!
    “Nobody’s perfect i gotta work it ! again again !”

  4. alexrocks says:

    omg omg omg i am getting a picture of kobe bryant i am just gona stare at him for the whole game until he turns and gets me a picture omg turn aroung already she slaps kobes neck ewwwwwwwwwwww my hand full of athlete sweat omg ii need a auto graphed camera

  5. omgiamcool says:

    girl- omg its kobe! stay calm, just one photo almost there……

    Kobe- wat the heck.just foucus on the game
    (thinks to self) does she know anything about personal space i mean this is the only time i have a break.

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