Howdy civilized people, and dog. Alot of people say we copy them, or something of that nature. This is my response to that. Nobody cares about your lame @$$ blogs you whiny little cluckers. Your so called “blogs” get probably 7 views a day. If anything, you guys copied us by making a blog.

  • TheBengiBang
  • JalenThePecker
  • Captain Caps (Dog)
  • Dttat2548 (Don’t know or care who he is)

Dalt is out, after giving a stern BUFNNNNNNNN!


41 thoughts on “Uh-Oh

    • nick317 says:

      all you reporters are just crap you should be nice .it’s their rights to make a blog like you and your blog stinks.i like jalenthe king blog’s better your’s sucks.now me and thebenjibang is going to kick your butt

  1. dttat2458 says:

    U don’t even know me dalt I wanted to be ur bud dalt but u were so much of a bitch to be 1 and also btw I get 200 views per day and about 150 comments per day so shut up and also what the fuck does marsupial wow really dalt u built a pyramid and put your self at the top so u show off

    • Reporters of Action Allstars says:

      haha dude i just checked your blog you havent gotten more than 15 comments so your wrong i doubt that you get 200 view you never gotten more than 15 comments and you say you get 150 per day what a loser dtatt2458 get a life and your blog stinks no one comments on it

      -Suns Owns This Kid

      • JJTHEBEST says:

        wow suns i understand tht hes lieing but come on i dnt undersatng why u guys are fighting back.you guys blog is awesome ima just say tht ok.and sense almost everyone knows tht then wats the point of fighting just bcuz like wat 8 KIDS dnt like ur blog.

  2. Clayton1 says:

    Dtt dont mess with us. we burned tbb we burned jalen. we burned everyone. Your bout to become on the list brother. Oops i meant. Marsupial. dont even try to face us. already dalt burned you. Suns burned you. I might burn you if you say something else. So dont even try.

    – SmooveGuy6 is ready for some people to burn.

    • dttat2458 says:

      Man y’all gotta quit bullying man I already Said I sorry for wat I said to dalt so shut ur fucking mouths an btw wat the fuck is a marsupial anyway y’all are like 3 years u a hole’s

      • Reporters of Action Allstars says:

        Okay first of all who are you? second of all what are a holes? third of all we aren’t bullying you just because we said no to your request to be on the blog doesn’t mean we hate you and cussing us out won’t help your chances to get on this blog you, nick, king, and dog have all asked to be on the blog so stop talking shit because you wanted to be on this blog so bad and you couldn’t be and btw you haven’t even gotten more than 15 comments on your blog you liar

        -Suns OWNS this kid

      • you'll never know says:

        look ik dttat for a while hes not the kind of person who copys.so suns quit i thought u wasnt childish but guess you really are.wat happend to being mature.thts right dttat only made a blog cuz he wanted to be on u guy’s blog but u didnt let him so he made his own blog thres NOTHING wrong with tht so stop being childish and fighting just QUIT.

  3. Clayton1 says:

    Haha wow ChaddyDick, its funny how you not popular and stupid at the same time. Nobody reads your blog. Your blog sucks more then my grandpas life story. Its so funny how you curse on here. Do you do the same to your Grandmom? Or you just make her yell your name when you are desperate. I would delete your comment, but i want everyone to look at your fake ass blog and see if its hysterical or funny. So dont be jealous of our blog, your blog barely have any people on their. Go play with your self and be glad that i didnt burn you yet.

    Owned by Smoothie!

  4. Clayton1 says:

    And strike, don’t even get into this conversation. Don’t tell us to shut up, We are trying to bring everything back to peace. And we are always right. We have the right to speak. So just stay in your place and let us handle this.

  5. alexrocks01 says:

    plz stop fighting just calm down dttat saw your blog so he wanted to make one .same thing with me i wanted a blog cause i wanted to post my own news. you guys just need to chill out it willcome back to you in life i asked and asked but they was always saying full so i made my own i got jelouse so i made one dont be mad at me i just got jelouse i wanted to make you this cmment to stp fighting i dont like when people expecially freinds and cool people fighting

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