Kings Strikes Again!

Hola Athletes,

SunsFan3 here and i wanted to ask you guys a question but before i do i want to say wow jalentheking just wow editing your comments we dont even do that over here i am 100% postive that all those comments where negative and you edited them to make them say your blog is good well guess what? it isn’t at all, and king so go with your boyfriend and go live in your sad thing you call your life, and this is my quesiton which blog is better kings or ROAA (Reporters of Action Allstars) Vote in the poll! king i think the results will speak for themselves. one last thing king i dont think you can marry a guy on action allstars sorry dude but dog has moved on you need to get a new boyfriend!

P.s Half of you viewers weren’t around to see but king used to comment on this blog hey check out my blog and than he would put the link to his blog because he knows our blog is more successful than his will ever be.

Vote Now!

Later Athletes,


11 thoughts on “Kings Strikes Again!

    • coolguy174 says:

      If JalenTheKing has more than one vote (the one vote is himself) then he must have hacked that wordpress like the guy he is… the Gay Douche.

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