I’m quiting

Yeah, I’m quiting. So what. I been playing this game forever (if 3 years counts as forever). I finally decided that I will be quiting soon. It gets boring after a while and I’ve been busy. I am planning on officially quiting in January. I’ll probably make a shout out post to my friends when it gets nearer. I will miss you all (except dog and kevin). Good knowing you people.

P.S. no one can have babazies.

peace and snapbacks


23 thoughts on “I’m quiting

  1. Dttat2458 says:

    Ok have fun wit your life wait iz babies writing this or iz it eye if it iz eye then we have had our up and downs and if it iz babies then even though I don’t know u and u don’t know me well then take care and hav a good life and to other ppl’s I’M SEXY AND I KNOW IT wiggle wiggle wigggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle and wiggle

  2. Dttat2458 says:

    And I have another anoouchmen to make I am hosting a fantasy basketball league if u want to join come see me at my turf tomorrow at 3 30 ok and u must have a yahoo email to join the league Id iz

  3. Dttat2458 says:

    21258 and the password iz dttat2458 ok come see me at my turf tomorrow for more details and wat ur name for your team is gonna be ok peace out ppl’s dttat2458 🙂

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