Dog And Snows Song

(Starts To Play Tune Of Billionaire)

Every Man Look Out, Cause Dog Wants A Billion Men

He Wants To Be On The Cover Of, Pole Fancy Monthly, Sitting With Snow, Legs Are Spread (Eww Btw)

Oh Every Time He Closes His Eyes, He Just Sees Snow In A Bikini

A Different Man Every Night, Oh My I Swear, They Just Can’t Be Away From Each Other,

Dog Will Be Grinding Up On Snow, Getting In The Delicates,

Oh my I Swear, If Your Sane You’ll Look Out, Or Dog Will Grind On You!

Ohhhh, Ohhh Ohhhh (Bufnnnn)

Dog Dresses Like A Tranny, Oh Lord The Humanity

Cause He’s With A Different Man Every Night, And Snow Is Also There

Thank You, The DES Corporation (Dalt, Eyes, Suns) Will Be Producing More Songs So Stay In Touch, (Not That Touch Dog)

P.s This is dog getting married to snow in las vegas this is dog in his wedding dress ENJOY!


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