Dog’s Song

Suns And I, Got Bored At Triva And Made A Song About Dog Enjoy!

(To The Tune Of Billionaire)

The Republic Of China Beware, Cause Dog Wants To Own A Million Yen

And Everytime He Shuts His Eyes, He Realizes They Are Open

He Wants To Be The Host Of, Ni Hao Kailan, Sitting With His Eyes So Oddly Spaced,

He’ll Be Eating Rice With The President, Eating With His Delicates

He Will Give Out Prius’ He Doesnt Even Own, And Get That Spot On Hangover,

And Even Though Hes 5’2, He Still Has 8 Foot Dreams, Of Owning A Million Yen

Some Different Rice Every Night, Oh My I Swear, What He Would Do For Rice

So I Went To China Dragon, Yeeesterday, And He Gave Me Kung Pow Chicken Instead Of Terriaki

So I Made Him Get A Stool And Clean The Counter, And Cursed Me Out In Chiiinese,

Oh My, I Swear, The Republic Of China Beware, Cause Dog Wants A Million Yen, Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhhh,

Dog Wants A Million Yen  So Bad! But He Doesnt Realize He’s Blonde!

P.s remember last time how Dog tried to say me likely well we have a new picture of him grown up saying impossible! enjoy.

More Pictures of  Dog to come! Here are the pictures we have so far! (And my video-Jok)

Sorry Dalt i just had to add this video.

This is a video of Dog in school!

Peace And Bacon,


15 thoughts on “Dog’s Song

  1. coolguy174 says:

    i walk into China Dragon. I see a guy with a shirt that says “Me Rikey! me Chef!” He came in and said, “Welcome to china Dragoon! Would u like a fortoon cookie?!” I said, “Sure!” And he said, “What your name chin chong ching?!?!” I say “Coolguy174” Then he said, “Me Rikey! Me go back to Chiiiinaaa! Giant wall! China! RIKEYYYY!” And then he ran away, I swore that day I will never go back to China Dragon, but I might again just to see what chef does next.

    • coolguy174 says:

      I trust this cute…. why? well she told us she was writing this comment on action allstars. so yeah, REAL CUTE is right… awesome song.

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